Even though it’s a cliche’ it’s been fun

It’s been fun while it lasted.  I simply don’t find this fun anymore…so the Bar closes.

Thanks to the following for your loyal support and good conversation:

The Original Group From Hell:

Andy, REMRAFDN, Grootch, Exy (out there in Mormon land)Grootch, Bryan!

You Guys ROCK!

The rest of you…vert, Charlie, Linda, thothamon…, buffalo gal..

more recently Bastard son of Grootch, Henry

Thanks to all of you.  It was for the most part…fun.


To the Trolls who invaded lately…may the fleas of a thousand Camels infest your pubic hair, may you suffer ongoing gastro-intestinal distress, and may you develop pus filled blisters as a result of your constant wanking.

As a good friend often says “you father should have jerked off in a sock” or something to that effect.


Some of youall have my email..drop me a line sometime.

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30 Responses to Even though it’s a cliche’ it’s been fun

  1. Profile photo of Grandma Grandma says:

    Billy, please allow me to buy a round for the house. We’ll miss you.

  2. Might or Might Not Be Vertigo says:

    “To the Trolls who invaded lately”

    Hey! I’ve been around for a long time!

  3. Bryan K says:

    It has been a blast, Billy. This used to be a great place. I don’t like what it has become, either. As the old cliche goes, all good things must come to an end. And I’ll be honest. I used to check in here numerous times a day. Lately, it has been once every couple of days.

    You did an awesome job running this place, so thank you for that.

    I’ll get the light on my way out.

  4. Profile photo of Breezy Belle Breezy Belle says:

    I’ve finally emerged relatively unscathed from the tedious hell of a state audit, and headed straight to my favorite bar for a much-needed drink and some interesting conversation… only to find the place empty and dark. Damn it.

    I haven’t been around here long, that’s true – but long enough to know that I will miss this place, the bartender, and it’s patrons. This bar has been, almost consistently, refreshingly unique – a place where I can come to interact with a diverse and wonderful group of people… even if we don’t always see eye to eye on the topic at hand.

    I’m pissed off that some random assholes have ruined the bar for everyone else. But mostly, I’m just sad that it’s over and the bar is closed for business. I guess I’ll just have to wander back out onto the street and hope I find some place else I can park my ass when I need a break from my day… :(

    • Profile photo of Vertigo Vertigo says:

      (Vert walks in, regaled in a deep midnight blue velvet great coat lined in red satin, and doublet of the finest jaquard weaves showing delicate patterns of scallops and snails. His hosen bright blue and red; each leg bearing one hue, brings out the depth of the great coats color, as though looking into a black hole dissapearing into the darkest night. )

      Come dear lady, although much of the company here is good, the stench of skunk won’t dissapear no matter how hard Billy cleans. I have another bar, one we may attend where the company is good, the food better, and the meads and wines are unsurpassed. We may, perhaps visit again, but until the skunk who polluted this fine place choses to contribute instead of destroy, its unlikely anyone will enjoy the nights we remember from before.

      (Vert takes Belle’s hand and leads her through the door, dissapearing into the dark night… all except for a single bright red hosen’d ankle from under the dark coat that absorbs the light into nothingness………..)

  5. The Peoples Eyebrow-^ (andy g/biff conroy/walsh county/detroit lakes/chicago il) says:

    Billy: I hear the dulcid tones of Dandy Don Meridith singing “Turn out the lights, the party is over”….all good things, must come to an end.
    You and remrafdn-BMK have my email and facebook info….don’t be a stranger.
    Bryan, Vert, Grootch, Exy et al…it has been a wonderful 5+ years (including our outstanding debates on the forum) communicating with you guys.
    I really will miss you guys…it has been as if I know some of you better than my pals here…our discussions for the most part have been profoundly more interesting.
    To new friends: Charlie (Keep on rocking dude, it was fun to share the stage with you through the wonders of electronic media-my kids bands new CD release is in November, they worked hard that is for sure get my info from Billy for a facebook connection if you want. All But A Memory seems appropriate eh?), Breezy, Henry, Buffalo Gal, td, middleman, and the rest thank you for enriching my minutes here in the bar and contributing to things to think of…..I will miss all your imaginary faces but very real opinions…by reading through the archives (great reading by the way) we all can see how the others have enriched our discussions, infuriated each other, and in true Saturday Night Live fashion (remember “Jane you ignorant slut you…who did you sleep with to get your job….”) brought humor and sarcasm and down right edgy reading to the forefront….I am not sure on how many hits our fabulous little joint got over its lifetime but I will bet we entertained thousands and made some feel smarter for have been here and I imagine some who walked away smug (yet retarded) voyeurs to our little place in cyberspace tucked in the middle of an electronic strip mall.
    Billy has my info, he can always serve as a conduit for connections if desired.

    Billy…perhaps you can bind the archives and make a site for us to visit…like one of those electronic guest books that seem so in vouge these days on obits…The Corner Bar deserves that at least and our hallowed membership…..and one more time, a last time I guess…Biff Conroy, Prairie Humorist and Valley Noire Guy gets to sign off…

    “It was a sad day…
    I felt a lump in my throat when the finality of it all hit….I put my glass down…for the last time…sucked really…like my last day as a ranger…what will I do now?
    I was leaving my team behind…
    I knew I would miss them…even that rat bastard Vert…chubby little opinionated goof…running around in those mottled, faded tights…green cottage cheese…never thought I would miss that vision…BK…the liberal middle of the road…middle of the road my ass…I feel gravel under foot…good guy…relentless researcher…good kid I guess…Henry, with his relentless hard right turns…NASCAR in reverse…straight…right…straight right…you get the picture..steady big guy, can’t get dizzy…
    so I light up a camel…you know the ones…lights…getting old…damn zippo is almost out of fluid…damn should have filled it before I left home….there it is..weak flame, but dependable..what with all the wind in this joint, the only thing I can light up with is a fucking zippo…..damn that vert…
    ah there he is…that longhaired Charlie…kind of has an Ed King look to him..you know..the guitarist who quit Skynyrd just before they got big…that guy…kin of looks like one of the boys in Govt Mule (Warren Hayes looking kid)..I like him..reminds me of my own tragically hip rocker son…you know..the one who gave up football…dumb ass…or is that just my own misspent youth talking…get a grip Biff…cock the brow in your own direction for a minute…ah, there…a hit of the camel and a pause to reflect on my own judgemental ass.
    Fuck I wish bonz would have fixed the lighting in this place…still cant get a fix on that object of the Vertically Challenged Ones affection…you know…the windy gal…Breezy..is that an adams apple or just a long neck on her or is it?…shit Biff, quit obsessing…I know where that farmer hangs out, maybe I will go find him…that aging tractor jockey with the pony tail and a wicked two step…always liked that guy…looking around for the Rotarian…always tried to be edgy…liked his spunk and his dogged determination…even when he was wrong…which was most of the time I am thinking…oh well…time to hit the fucking bricks Biff…is that a chill I feel coming from the door? It is October I think to myself…..the cold must come and the longer nights….I rally hate that shit now…getting old….feel it in my bones…take one last look Conroy…I fumble around looking for another camel to fire up…pull the collar up dude…brisk out there…
    collar up…sun glasses on…camel lit up…I nod to my friends knowing this is the last time I see them…can’t let these fucks see the tear…”thank god” I mutter for the sunglasses…glad I thought to bring them…makes up for the weak assed flame on my zippo…I toss a fiver on the bar and nod to Bonz..”good job kid…you did good…better than most” time to go….I head for the door..
    .stop for one last look…
    I will truly miss these guys and that does not usually happen…..fuck!

    and out the door I go…

    Fade to Black.

    • wamba says:

      I am not sure if this is a valedictory or a eulogy, but it is apropos.

    • Profile photo of Breezy Belle Breezy Belle says:

      Cripes, Andy – you sure know how to tug at the heart strings. Got a tissue in your back pocket you can toss me before you walk away? Leave it to you to really hit the nail on the metaphorical head, and bring the reality of this loss home.

      This really is fucking tragic…
      Being suddenly niche-less sucks ass.

  6. thothamon says:

    Oh…This is simply tragic.
    Any chance of a reprieve, old chap?

  7. Henry says:

    Well boys, I came back from a spectacular ND pheasant hunt to find this news. The simple and plain, but trusty old 870 worked flawlessly, hardly missing. Not much status was recognized by the Citori crowd until the 870 had a pile of pheasants lying around it. Onto more serious matters.

    Quite honestly, I’ll miss this blog. I am pretty sure I have bumped into a couple of you chaps in real life. I’ll see you around.

  8. td says:


    I get what you are saying. It is tough to keep momentum up for this long. A least in the beginning, the trolls and lurkers were half way intelligent and sometimes amusing. I liked it when it was a very sporadically attended bar and the discussions were at least headed in some sort of an actual direction. Even those times it got to internet yelling vs. sensible dialogue, the arguments were mostly coherent and the name calling much more original.

    I don’t remember where I heard these two things, but they are so true when it comes to message boards:

    1. At the half way point on any message board page, the name calling begins.

    2. Message boards are like the special olympics; even if you win, you are still retarded.

    Before I get flamed for my insensitivity, I can’t think of any other analogy which might be more politically correct nor as pointed. Just take me as I am.

    I had turned into an occasional lurker because it has become too difficult to follow any thread. Maybe it is because I am admittedly not very smart to begin with or perhaps it has more to do with a general sense of apathy towards most subjects because it really seems our society has lost any common sense.

    You have my email Billy and if you ever feel the urge to open another bar, please let me know. Sometimes being a public establishment goes beyond new perspectives and falls into the abyss. Maybe a break will cause further interest in the opinions of any thirsty neighborhood.

    Take care,

    Tim Dutcher

  9. billybones says:

    TD, not sure I still have your e-mail

    could all of the following shoot me an e-mail if you would like..just so I have it?
    Bryan K, TD, Henry, Charlie, and vert?

  10. billybones says:

    billybones.01….small caps

  11. Profile photo of Charlie Charlie says:

    Well this sucks. At least don’t lock the doors, I’ll be squatting here from time to time and looking at the pictures on the wall, perhaps adding some graffiti that no one will read.

  12. Nobody in Particular says:

    Think anyone will mind if I sign my name in the dust on this old bar top? This looks like it was one hell of a place back in its heyday.

  13. biff conroy says:

    It is 2015 now…real dusty in hear but if you be real still you can still hear them….hope they are all well.

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