More Violent Rhetoric: Vido Game “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”

Yeah…crappy graphics and an even crappier concept.  Really? And people want to say it’s just the right wing that has a lunatic fringe? I wonder, where is the outrage from the liberals? Good lord, if this was tageting lefties they would be peeing themselves and screaming how terrible this is.


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31 Responses to More Violent Rhetoric: Vido Game “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”

  1. You are so right Billy about the Left who would be screaming about these games if anything like that had been produced for killing Left/Liberal politicans.
    Hypocrisy continues to reign.

  2. I think the left has just as much of a lunatic fringe as the right. It just doesn’t get the press it used to. Remember the 60’s – 80’s? It always seemed the left got the lunatic badge, but since Clinton it seems that the far right has become far more vocal and extreme, garnering more press. Still, I think both sides are equally whiny.

    • Bryan K says:

      Ronnie Reagan made the lunatic fringe right wing kind of mainstream. And the Dubya kind of went over the top with it. Our society is slowly shifting back to liberalism right now, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how overly conservative it has gotten. The only truly liberal presidents we have had in the last 100 years have been LBJ and FDR.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Our society is slowly shifting back to liberalism right now,”

        Unfortunately, our financial standing right now is not conducive for “free money for everyone but the rich”.

        • No Brainer says:

          Thats right, now the only people who get “Free” money are the rich, and they don’t even have to pay taxes on it.

  3. No Brainer says:

    Before you can get outrage, the people you expect to be angry need to know about the issue.

    Ask for outrage when this is common knowledge please, it just hit the market and I don’t know anybody who even heard of it.

    Perhaps we should start voting for candidates before they declare they are running for office too.

  4. Profile photo of seaofstories seaofstories says:

    “Perhaps we should start voting for candidates before they declare they are running for office too.”

    After what Bachmann pulled, anouncing her candidacy in the middle of a debate, I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about any undeclared potential candidates being invited, anyway.

  5. Bryan K says:

    One of my least favorite ad hominems of all time is when people say “if it was the left/right wing doing it, the left/right wing would be up in arms”. Usually, the statement has no basis in reality.

  6. billybones says:

    You call it an ad hominem, I call it pointing out the pointy headed hypocrisy of both ends of the spectrum.

    • Bryan K says:

      The problem is, I don’t see it. Would liberals be up in arms about this? I’m sure they would be. I’m sure most conservatives are too.

      It’s exactly like comparing people’s reactions to Bush to people’s reactions to Obama. I hear that all the time. “If Bush had done this, there would be an uproar”. What those people fail to realize is that the only reason they aren’t hearing the uproar is because they are the ones creating it.

  7. billybones says:

    both side squeal like a stuck pig when someone on the other side does something, but never when it’s their own.

    an even better example…. a politician gets embroiled in a scandal, and the people on the other side, hold them accountable but ignore the person in their own party who does the same thing.

    Or points out the stupid things Bachman says while ignoring the lunacy that comes out of Biden’s mouth.

    Have a standard and hold everyone to it. or at least try…or appear to be trying

    • billybones says:

      my idealism is poking through

      • Profile photo of Vertigo Vertigo says:

        As I read your context, Billy, the problem I see is you have many unspoken expectations. You aren’t asking the conservatives to be screaming foul, although thats what you state. You aren’t asking the Liberals to be consistant, although thats also the context of your topic.

        I see you trying to generate a tempest in a teapot, well, its hard for me to get riled up about this. Its a VIDEO GAME, for gods sake. Frankly, its a mild video game compared to some on the market.

        Truthfully? I don’t have a problem with a caricature of Beck getting shot, he damages society every time he opens his mouth. If I hear another “Hockey Mom” analogy from Palin when she has never once attempted to be a normal mother…. I might just pull out a machete myself. The thought of someone so colossaly ignorant about our own historical civics as candidate Bachmann makes my skin crawl… the idea of her being president is mind boggling.

        This is not because I am a “Liberal” against “Conservatives”… this is because this is the pool of people representing the conservatives, and these representatives are as lame as they come. These people are easy targets for video game creators, just like Tamany Hall was an easy target for the Nash cartoons 100 years ago.

        As much as you are trying to decry the way our society has changed, it really hasn’t.

    • Bryan K says:

      What I see happening most often is that a person, say me, will cry foul over a particular situation when I hear no one else speaking up. Or, even more common, I’ll hear someone else cry foul about a situation, and I’ll agree but not say anything because I feel the person crying foul is doing an adequate job. But a couple of days later, I’ll run into someone who hasn’t heard about the issue, and then I become the one to cry foul.

      Now I don’t criticize your criticism of politicians in general because, as we all know, politicians are crooked by their very nature. My interpretation of your criticism was that it was directed at the general populace and/or the media.

      • Profile photo of Vertigo Vertigo says:

        Am on that bandwagon, Bryan. I have found myself arguing points I only marginally believe in simply to be a devils advocate.

        You don’t have meaningful discourse unless you see all sides of the story, which is the biggest reason why the pundits are the WORST place to get ones education…. yet so many cling tenuously to this source as though its the goose that laid the golden egg.

  8. The Peoples Eyebrow-^ says:

    ..tru dat

  9. Observer says:

    The key point that everyone misses on these issues is that politics have never been civil – at least in most of our lifetimes. The left wing has been calling for civility in the recent months as a method of deflecting criticism, but refuses to hold themselves to the standard that they have defined. That’s your hypocrisy right there.

  10. Profile photo of Charlie Charlie says:

    The comments on that article a truly a hoot.

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