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Bikers shut down Wingnut Westboro protesters in Joplin?

A protest by the infamous Westboro Baptist Church was not carried out in Joplin, Missouri on Saturday as planned after a large contingent of bikers showed up and flushed them out of a zone marked off for their demonstration. The … Continue reading


Judge voids Wiscinsin Union Law..sends it to State Supreme Court

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi, who was appointed by a Republican governor, said Republican state lawmakers who passed the law in March had violated the state’s open meetings law in rushing the legislation through amid massive public protests at the … Continue reading


Hennen goes to Grand Forks

After having his employment at The Flag (a station he helped start) end a second time, it seems Scott will have a new spot on the airwaves in Grand Forks. Scott Hennen, who started his radio career in Grand Forks … Continue reading


Schultz appologizes…. (It’s called projection..eddie…look it up)

Former Fargo radio talk-show host Ed Schultz was suspended by MSNBC after reportedly making disparaging remarks to describe a female host from Fox News. Several news and blog sites reported Wednesday that Schultz used a derogatory slur when talking about … Continue reading


In-Forum Fact Check of Pawlenty

A fact check of Pawlenty’s speech anouncing his presidential bid which seemed to focus on “Truth”…found that truth is relative, and there is “pawlenty” of questions that can be raised.


Odd Couple works to expand oversight of Patriot Act

Republican Rand Paul…and Democrat Patrick Leahy are working together to try pass legislation that would increase oversight of government surveillance powers. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced an amendment to the PATRIOT … Continue reading


Who the heck is Herman Cain?

Herman Cain has announced he will run for president…. Herman who?  Herman Cain, a successful businessman, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, and darling of the Tea Party crowd..has announce he will run for president. He is an African American who … Continue reading


Republican Predescessor blasts Gov. Pawlenty

This is sweet, Former Republican Arne Carlson is giving the Pawlenty campaign a kick in the balls. Tim Pawlenty is hoping to leverage his record as governor of Minnesota into a successful presidential bid, often touting his tenure as evidence … Continue reading


From Breezy Belle: Barbie as a Serial Killer

Ok….this is not for the squeamish….but it is quite funny and more proof that some people have waaay too much time on their hands.

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The Fruitbats are still out: Corsi “birther book” released

Jerome Corsi’s blockbuster making the case that Barack Obama is ineligible for the presidency hits bookstore shelves across the nation today – a day on which Corsi is turned loose to tell Americans what he has discovered about what he … Continue reading