Vikings fans left to Ponder Vikings Draft Pick

Vikings grabbed gritty Christian Ponder from Florida State with the 12th overall pick on Thursday night.

Fans gathered at a draft party inside the team’s practice facility groaned when Washington’s Jake Locker went with the eighth pick to the Tennessee Titans and again when Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert was gone at No. 10 after Jacksonville traded up.

They booed when Ponder’s name was announced, the fourth quarterback taken in this quarterback-deep draft, apparently convinced his value didn’t match the slot. But Vikings vice president for player personnel Rick Spielman said the team likes Ponder’s poise, intelligence and accuracy, and he said the asking price was too high for them to trade up and get Gabbert before the Jaguars

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11 Responses to Vikings fans left to Ponder Vikings Draft Pick

  1. The Peoples Eyebrow says:

    Pondering the wisdom of the move, especially with Fairley on the board and FatPat on the way out…Smith was available for immediate help at CB as well…not to mention Steve Jordans kid who went to the Saints in a steal. I think Mallett was a better prospect, when he enters the league he will have a top ten arm from the git-go.

    All told, a curious pick with 4-5 other QBs out there…my darkhorse pick in round 5, Scott Tolzien, QB, U of Wisconsin. Perfect qb out of the Gannon mold.

  2. Bryan K says:

    Niner fans were screaming for the Niners to NOT pick up Gabbert, Locker, or Ponder. For Niner fans, it was Peterson or bust. But it appears as if Colin Kaepernick was the Niners’ man all along. They were trying to trade up into the late first round and even into the early second round to make sure that they would land Kapernick. However, it seems as if this means that Alex Smith will be the starting quarterback for the Niners to at least begin one more season.

    The surprise for me was how much Atlanta traded to get Julius Jones. It’s not as if Atlanta doesn’t have any WR talent. And they traded TWO first rounders, a second rounder, and TWO fourth rounders to get him. All I can say is WOW.

    Finally, the most interesting move thus far was the Lions picking Fairley. Man, that Lions defense suddenly became formidable.

    • The Peoples Eyebrow says:

      The Niiners got a real nice player…I watched the Nevada team often due to the fact that we are considering the Pistol for our change of pace scheme this year…we ran some last year with a rangy kid with a nice arm…I have had a hard time figuring out the Niners, they are loaded with wonderful talent and now have an outstanding young coach…my darkhorse pick for NFC semi finals at least.

      • Bryan K says:

        There were a dozen things wrong with the 49ers last year, and not a single one of them was talent.

        They seemed like they were out-schemed most of the time. But I think that the biggest problem was the Niners were being coached to not make mistakes instead of just going for the jugular. Whenever Alex Smith was on the line, he performed. Whenever he had a margin for error, he made more errors than the margin called for. It was horrendous.

        Two things that happened repeatedly last year that drove me crazy. Number one was the lack of experience at the safety position. Michael Lewis, if you recall, decided he didn’t want to be a Niner anymore a few weeks into the season, so the Niners were left with Dashon Goldston and the platoon of Reggie Smith and Taylor Mays at the safety positions. Sure, Smith and Mays have a ton of speed, but they were constantly (and I mean constantly) getting pwned by the play fakes. I mean, any team that didn’t run a flea flicker against the Niners last year at least once was wasting an easy touchdown. And the thing that sucked about it is the fact that the Niners front seven did not need help stopping the run. It really burned me that there was never any safety help over the top, and even when there was, they gave up freakshow touchdowns like the one to Antonio Freeman.

        The second thing I noticed that happened a lot was Alex Smith sat on routes. He was never given any authority to change a play at the line of scrimmage even in the face of the blitz. Add in the fact that Anthony Davis really struggled for the first 2/3 of the season, and there were a lot of instances where Alex was sacked when he really should have been finding a hot route (which was rarely there). Case in point, we know the blitz is going to come from Anthony Davis’s side because he’s the weak link on the line. He’s a 20 year old rookie with a ton of potential, but he just hasn’t mastered the art of picking up a blitz yet. Vernon Davis lines up on his side of the line. He’s going to be open. So someone please explain to me why Davis was constantly running a medium length out route or trying to find the seam every single time the Niners’ opponent brought a Sam blitz? Give him the lattitude to change to a quick post or a little flat, and he has over 100 receptions last year. But the strategy kept working against the Niners, so the Niners’ opponents never went away from it.

        Of course, one other thing that drove me crazy last year is how the Niner pass rush consistently got pressure, and then looked lost in the backfield. That’s where Parys Haralson and Manny Lawson really struggled. Neither one is a pass rushing specialist, so they were faked out too easily by some of the least mobile quarterbacks in the NFL. That’s one area where I’m hoping Aldon Smith will help out next year. But overall, it’s pretty sickening to realize that I could probably coach the Niners better than Singletary’s staff.

  3. Bryan K says:

    And in other news, I seem to have been banned from posting at What a joke.

    • Henry says:

      What did you do wrong? I noticed BSOG had some posts removed on cornerbar.

      • Bryan K says:

        I have no idea. I’ve just noticed that none of my posts from the last few days are showing up.

        As far as The Corner Bar goes, though, you’d have to ask Billy. I think he has sole discretion of what gets deleted, and he very rarely uses that power.

    • The Peoples Eyebrow says:

      I roam the halls of stupidity and vapidness at the Pioneer Press from time to time. Hard to get banned there…too many fools to pick from.

  4. The Peoples Eyebrow says:

    His intelligence is not in question, he had his Undergrad degree in two years, and a masters in four. He has exceptional FB IQ as well…I watched the combine and felt he had a strong assed arm, not quite as good as Mallett but made all the throws and had pretty decent accuracy (better than Cam)…Gabbert was a nice QB but I do think they will be happy with Ponder…Rudolph in the second round was a steal…if he gets his his stuff in order.
    Vikings needed help on the D line and the big boy the Bears got (Paea) reminds me of a Tongan version of Sapp….I think the Detroit Lions will be a force to reckon with for years to come I fear….

  5. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    I have not been deleting anything….
    however, i have had some issues with posts…thinging I had posted something and not having it go up, and having to redo it.

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