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Want to read a real teacher’s blog? Then enjoy this new one, A Dixie Diary, at The positive response has been astonishing.

Actually published a few days ago, this unique teacher’s journal shows a different look at what happens in the schoolhouse … by a rookie teacher who loves his work and his students, but he expresses his thoughts and observations in a hugely different way than Mrs. Munroe. Sure, there are some intense moments, even some choice words, too, but mostly it’s world-class hilarious, heartwarming … like reading a good book. It’s the teacher’s blog we’ve been waiting for. It’s simply mesmerizing.

The above was posted on thethread about the female teacher who got in trouble for her posting on a personal blog…who I, being in a cynical mood, supported. I was misguided.  This is what it is all about


Teaching It Real, not sure who you are, but feel free to shoot me an email at if you have any other good stuff for posts

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17 Responses to From Teaching It Real…a real teacher’s journal

  1. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    I go a couple days and someone is an idiot. Whoever posted the comment under the name teaching it real here was not the same as before, and at the request of the right Teaching It Real dude, it has been deleted.

  2. Special Bivouac Training says:

    The US Army will teach anal sex to soldiers…even while in combat. Marines…you are not following orders from your chief commander. sanctions forthcoming.

  3. middleman says:

    no, it’s a commentary on a particular individual who has a tendency to take a new name every day, and really not contribute anything meaningful. Billy’s tolerant. I think you are a jackass, and if it were my establishment, i’d bounce your ass

  4. bob says:

    Guess it’s better than being a ‘soliders’. Freudian slip?

  5. middleman says:

    dude sure does seem hung up on homosexuality…
    maybe deep down he fantasizes about soldiers wilth “soliders”…

    • Special Bivouac Training says:

      LOL….I am hung up on hope and change. I have orders to train the army….transformative change. Training AIDS would include triple action CLP and cadence music by the Army band.

      • Profile photo of Vertigo Vertigo says:

        Too bad, like Limbaugh and Hannity- who you are probably mimicing here, you are passing gross misinformation to enrage the weak minded… or perhaps you are just buying into it yourself… Take Your Hand OFF The AM Radio Dial.

        The training isn’t going to be teaching them HOW to be homosexual, its going to be pre emptive to keep “out of the closet” gays from being discriminated against, thus protect the government from class action sexual harrassment suits. They are going to make it clear to leave them alone.

        This along with seperate booths in the showers is a predictable result of rescinding “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

        PS, they did the same thing with Suicide Training. Instead of teaching us how to understand and address potential suicides, they taught us how to recognise suicidal individuals and report them so they could be discharged before the inevitable day happens… thus clearing them of potential life insurance payouts.

        It really annoyed me when.. in my suicide prevention training… there was not a single mention of mental illness and when I mentioned it, the teacher brushed the entire concept under the rug.

  6. Special Bivouac Training says:

    LOL….I find it gross too….wierd groups hiding in the closet behind their euphemisms. However we have orders from the chief commander. Commence with the training aids.

  7. Good Idea says:

    I don’t have a problem with this at all. Particularly in a combat situation, education on how to handle HIV and AIDS tainted blood is an important.

  8. Special Bivouac Training says:

    We will train on what the different levels of orgasm a gay soldier can achieve. We do have an agenda. We will overcome and make every soldier gay. They will learn the Army way the hard way.

  9. Chacidy says:

    Insights like this liven things up auonrd here.

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