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Chicago Gun Ban Unconstitutional..

"In another dramatic victory for firearm owners, the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional Chicago, Illinois’ 28-year-old strict ban on handgun ownership, a potentially far-reaching case over the ability of state and local governments to enforce limits on weapons. A 5-4 … Continue reading


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from remrafnd: Last Lakota code talker Clarence Wolf Guts dies at 86

When the towers of the World Trade Center fell on Sept. 11, 2001, Clarence Wolf Guts asked his son to call the U.S. Department of Defense to see if the country needed his code talking abilities to find Osama Bin … Continue reading


RIP Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd, longtime Senator has died. He chose to serve his country in the Government for a long time. He walked away from a racist past, and was one of the strongest advocates for the constitution the senate has seen. … Continue reading


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New Sniper record…thanks remrafdn

Craig Harrison (born 1975) is a Corporal of Horse (CoH) of the Household Cavalry of the British armed forces, and holds the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at a range of 2,475 m (2,707 yd). Established … Continue reading


More Grist for the ACORN mill

I posted comments etc. about ACORN and the whole pimp videos etc. I thought, and still believe that ACORN or at least people employed by ACORN engaged in illegal campaign activity etc., so I was pretty quick to believe these … Continue reading


50 richest politicians in Washington This is an interesting list. Democrats like to portray themselves as the party of the ordinary people and the republicans as the party of the rich… Of the 50 richest Politicians: 27 of 50 are democrats 4 0f … Continue reading


Missed a very important (NOT) date

2 days ago, the CORNER BAR, this smoke filled hole in the wall, turned 3 years old….without fanfare, without notice…. Thank you all for stopping by…Free imaginary drinks…and cigars on the House so…any fond or not so fond memories?


McCrystal Fired…Petraus in?

It is being reported that Gen McCrystal has been fired. Sources have also suggested that Gen. Petraeus will be chosen to succeed him WASHINGTON (AP) – A source tells The Associated Press that President Barack Obama will name Gen. David … Continue reading