The bar salutes all who serve/served

Hats off ladies and germs…….

We hereby have a moment of silence in honor of the fallen, as well as those left at home….

And a heartfelt salute and thanks to all of those who have served their country…..above and beyond selfish gain…putting their lives and the lives of loved ones at hom on hold….because they were told to, because they were callled….whether I agree with the mission or not, whether I agree with  the individuals ideas or not….

I salute you….and thank you.


Andy, Vert, TD….any of you others……

we could do a roll call of all of you who served…. or not, up to you.

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11 Responses to The bar salutes all who serve/served

  1. buffalogal says:

    AMEN to honoring all who have served our nation in war and peace. We would not be speaking English unless our brave Vets had not defended our liberty many times…especially in WW 2.

  2. Vertigo says:

    Its sad when we, as a patriotic country, value speaking one and only one language as the highest when we have so many rights far more important to protect, including the right to speak any language in our homes and community we desire.

    I want to thank all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve my right to live my life with total freedom including the right to protest my government, to worship as I feel without discrimination or incrimination, and to be able to walk down the street without being harassed by my peers or the police for my differences from others.

    Achieving some of these freedoms still have a way to go, but the sacrifices our soldiers made are a testimonial that these values will never be forgotten.

  3. Peace and Love says:

    Thanks to all the baby killers like Vertigo.

  4. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    peace and love,
    may you choke on your freedom of speech

  5. Vertigo says:

    Thank you, Peace and Love for practicing your first ammendment right, to speak up and make a fool of yourself. In some countries, they would have found you and imprisoned you for saying that.

    I serve my country to give you that right, and unless you exercise it, it was a waste of my time. Thank you again, for giving me reason to serve.

  6. Henry says:

    P&L, you’re an asshole. Go drive into the nearest tarpit with your Volkswagon van.

  7. andy g says:

    we swore to uphold and defend that scumbags right to hold that point of view…now he can have it, but in a real bar, that piece of tang would have had to defend his honor to get to the parking lot…saying that shit is easy and within his rights…as is mine to call him out as piece of ‘tang…carry on Piece and Lube…it is safe to hide behind your monitor here…
    chirico charging

  8. Peace and Love says:

    Big tough baby killers threatening to beat others up. Violence is not always the answer.

  9. andy g says:

    ..not beat someone up…that is so…passe…enlighten your fucking ass…consider it education…you would swing first…I can guarentee your pussy ass that you would swing first…just not last. I have freedom of speech too…pussies like you can talk shit but never back it up until compelled…and then you piss and moan when the inevitable happens…one bit of offensive speech finds another…both protected by the same rights. It is what happens after such an exchange that makes Friday nights fun….assholes like me have rules and a strict code to follow before going to part II…and if you can handle someone in your grill, calling you out, in front of the assembled masses…all the while questioning your manhood and your mamas fucking virtue..than you too can have fun on Friday night, or Wednesday…(traditionally ladies night)…

  10. matt a. says:

    Peace and Love, the pacifists way of protesting the Vietnam War certainly WASN’T the answer either. All that Peace and Love propaganda was thrown right in the mud with their treatment of soldiers in combat AND after returning home. Not only were they cowards for various reasons, but they were hypocrites at the same time. Great combination.

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