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"If all mankind, minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind"

                                                    John Stewart Mill

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20 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Right says:

    Why would anyone want to silence him?

  2. Bryan K says:

    I dunno….because he is pro-choice? Or maybe he’s anti-Pledge? Or perhaps he likes to protest against homosexuality at soldiers’ funerals.

  3. thothamon says:

    if one looks at history, the majority quite often attempts to silence the minority. Unpopular ideas, non-politically correct opinions….

  4. andy g says:

    all voices should be allowed, it is up to you whether you pay attention. the majority will decide on how they want to live. it should never stop the tail from wagging….that is a sign of a happy dog.
    so there you have it, happy dogs equate to individual freedom and the need to allow all to speak.
    thomas jefferson meet ceasar whats his name.

  5. Vertigo says:

    That would be Ceasar Romero………..

  6. andy g says:

    sid Ceasar?

  7. Vertigo says:

    Could be Ceasar Salad, but is too fruity…..

  8. andy g says:

    I thought that was pies, but pies are Soupy Sales…

  9. Bryan K says:

    It’s not an epileptic Ceasar?

  10. Profile photo of roxane s. roxane s. says:

    Billy, just wanted to let you know I responded to your comment from a few days back. I hope you’re enjoying your time away.

  11. Sting says:

    You do know it’s coming. One cannot let that one go by. Can one?
    Cannot fight the urge any longer.

    Roxanne! You don’t have to put out the…argh! Ooof! Ouch! Hmfffmmmffmmffmmamsmsm.

  12. Bryan K says:

    They should disqualify these guys. I believe this is called collusion. Someone else missed the cut because of this:


  13. andy g says:

    You talking about the kids from Olivet Nazarene and Lewis?
    I think the kid from Lewis shanked the shot off the tee and claimed to be the great guy to throw off any detractors….there are other ways to let someone win in golf and be subtle about it…play a club too big, flip a chip, putt short then long…it was a playoff hole…I think he duck hooked and is styling…
    big question, what happens in nationals if they are paired up in the finals?
    it got a ton of airplay today nationally…a little too much.

  14. Bryan K says:

    Exactly, Andy, except neither of these kids should be allowed to play in the nationals. One of them didn’t earn his spot while the other colluded against someone else who deserved the spot.

  15. bisonaudit says:

    No one else was denied a spot at nationals because of what happened.

    The kid should have been more subtle about it and he should have kept is trap shut after.

    sheet Edgren

  16. andy g says:

    bisonaudit: you are right, it is NAIA qualifier, the kid from Lewis would have taken two spots (one dead) or technically I guess they could have brought a guy up from JV at Lewis for the team full complement unless it was strictly roster. (not sure on NAIA rules, NCAA it would have resulted in an at-large position in another region.

  17. Bryan K says:

    Even if another kid didn’t lose a spot, now everyone has to beat another entry. It is still collusion.

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