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Stats for March…..daily hits. March 2008—239 average daily hits March 2009—469 average daily hits March 2010—1038 average daily hits  (as of 4:15 this afternoon) Now i realize this is strictly small potatoes, but hey…thanks to all the rgulars, imaginary drinks … Continue reading


Chompsky…Obama delivers…to Banks, financial institutions

Reknowned leftist scholar and MIT professor Noam Chomsky, is suggesting that Obama is delivering the goods all right, especially to the financial institutions, who Chomsky suggests, favored Obama over McCain… "President Obama is delivering, but for the financial institutions, he … Continue reading


As Concealed Carry Permits Rise, Gun Deaths Fall.

While there is no direct proof of correlation, it does seem that the doom and gloom liberals who predicted jumps in gun violence rates were flat out wrong. In the 1980s and ’90s, as the concealed-carry movement gained steam, Americans … Continue reading


Statistics regarding the Teaparty movement

Quinnipiac University National Poll Looking at voters who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement: •74 percent are Republicans or independent voters leaning Republican; •16 percent are Democrats or independent voters leaning Democratic; •5 percent are solidly independent; •45 … Continue reading


This Is Funny!!! Ineptitude mixes with intolerance!

Oklahoma bill targeting gays hilariously misses its mark They meant to make it easier to discriminate against gays, but instead they passed a bill making it easier to discriminate against Christians and other religious groups. The Oklahoma Senate two weeks … Continue reading


Can You Beat Your Wife? Let’s ask ND Republicans

If this guy was a democrat…the republican family values people would be all over him to resign  


A Ticket For Rush!!!

This is funny. Recently, Rush Limbaugh did an alec baldwin impersonation, and stated that if Obamacare passed he would go to Costa Rica (baldwin had said canada in regard to George w.’s election, but lets not get too caught up … Continue reading


Hope and Change revisited

Obama promises 5 days for public to read bills before he signs…   Signs massive healthcare bill in 36 hours. That qualifies for a Pinochio award


Health Care reform…or disaster?

Well, all the republican/conservative talking heads are working themselves up into a frenzy of doom and gloom.  It’s the end of the american way. The damn socialists have taken over. bury the bibie and the guns, cause the frickin commies … Continue reading


Flood crested….City safe

Well, it appears thanks to some good planning, a lower crest, and some luck, things went pretty well for the city of fargo this year. No panic, no last minute emergency sandbagging, no Oak Grove flooding.  I understand that outlying … Continue reading