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Hello, Just want you all to know that if there is a bit of an absense, it isn’t permanent..I’m off at a Conference the rest of the week, and when I get back, my family and I are heading up … Continue reading


Daily wikipedia link from remrafdn.. HMMM…yummm, any one else getting hungry?  


coughing and pooping and puking oh my.? from Charlie B

I’m sure everyone has read about this by now but what does the cornerbar think?       proof positive that the TJ donkey shows now involve pigs…  


Does Hannity have the balls to be waterboarded?

Keith Olbermann Offers Sean Hannity $1000 For Every Second He Can Endure Waterboarding Olbermann: You’ll do it for charity? For the troops families? I’ll take you up on that Sean. For every second you last, $1000. Live or on tape … Continue reading


Knee pads and Vaseline Needed!!! Local Contractors Get Screwed. thanks thothamon

The title is mine, the rest is from Thothamon. Billy, I suggest you peruse today’s In-Forum and read the article about Local Contractors being upset because a MN Contractor was given the contract to tear down the dikes.  I am … Continue reading


Come out, come out, conservatives and regale us with tales of the evils of socialism…Thanks Grootch

Time Warner, Embarq Fight to Outlaw 100 Mbps Community Broadband in Wilson, NC   Time Warner Inc., after finally dropping its plans for metered internet services for the time being, appears to be back to its old ways. This story … Continue reading


MAN RULES from Andy

The Man Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys side of the story. ( I must admit, it’s pretty good.) We always hear " the Rules " From the … Continue reading


Your Daily Wikipedia link Courtesy of Remrafdn Alfred G. "Alferd" Packer (January 21, 1842 – April 23, 1907)[1] was an American prospector who was accused of cannibalism. First tried for murder, Packer was eventually sentenced to 40 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter.[2]   … Continue reading


thanks remrafdn

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Spirit Lake tribe pokes stiff middle finger in NCAA and activists eyes..

The forum is reporting that the Spirit Lake tribal vote on whether to let UND keep the "Fighting Sioux" nickname has come down resoundingly on the side of the university. The numbers are not official yet, but it clearly illustrates … Continue reading