Obama is in favor of gun control after all..

Gee, no kidding.

And to all the morons out there saying he wasn’t when there was an upswing in gun sales following his election…..a stiff middle finger.


It should be no suprise that there will be moves toward more gun control.  Hell, Eric Holder submitted a brief during the Washington DC supreme court case regarding handguns that stated there is no individual right to gun ownership.  And this is the idiot in charge of enforcing the laws?

Then to support his argument regarding an "assault weapons" ban, the jackass resorts to the tried and true method of confusing the mindless public with scary facts that have no relevance.  He talks about the mexican drug cartels engaging police with automatic weapons and grenades.  and a domestic ban on "assault weapons" affects that how?  The weapons to be banned are not automatic weapons, and grenades are not legal here now.


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  1. Bryan K says:

    There is one factor to the Obama Presidency that I will be watching with a close eye. During one of his candidacy speeches, he alluded to the possibility of creating a national security force that was supposed to “aid” local law enforcement agencies. To this, I am bitterly opposed. The day that local law enforcement ceases to be a local and state responsibility becomes the day when our federal government has way too much power.

  2. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    Agreed…except in the case of a terrorist attack, or attack by a foreign country.

  3. Grootch says:

    I don’t need an assault weapon to put tasty roosters in my freezer. A $2.50 hike on shotgun shells isn’t going to ruin the gun industry either – most of you conservative fucktards out peppering houses on posted land spend 10 times that on a camo hat from Cabella’s.

    Ya jackasses. Grow up.

  4. D says:

    The linked article refers to legislation on assault weapons. How can anyone not support this? When he starts talking about shotguns and deer rifles, the we can talk.

  5. reality says:

    Define “assault weapon”, because that’s what they’ll continue to do until it includes shotguns and deer rifles.

  6. Grootch says:


    Uh huh, sure. Post links to support your theory.

  7. reality says:

    Grootch – simply read the assault weapons ban language. Plain old shotgun: legal. Same shotgun with a pistol grip: wildly dangerous assault weapon that kids will find under their parents bed, killing themselves, their friends, cops and endangering the safety of the entire world.

    All they need to do is add definitions to the list and voila: no shotguns.

  8. reality says:

    “Assault weapons” is a term coined to create fear. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Grootch says:

    What makes you think I (a liberal) will give up my shotgun?

  10. Grootch says:

    Also, why do you think you should be able to hunt without a plug? Aren’t you a sportsmen? Are you that crappy of a shot that you think you need 8 dogs, and 5 cartridges instead of 3?

    Wanna go shoot some clay pidgeons? Or are you afraid I’ll completely OWN you with my .20 gauge shooting as a LIBERAL?

    Step up, jackass.

  11. Bryan K says:

    lol…in one post, reality does a whole bunch of fear mongering. In the next, he accuses others of doing the fear mongering.


  12. andy g says:

    I think the histrionics over Holder and Obamas intent is humorous..the constitution takes 38 states to agree…not two Lib-Bros in DC..
    Holder should just shut up, he could have relevence issues based on his earlier days..he will have a hard time pimping his agenda, and I think he is a gift to Obama from the Senate…nobody really pays attention to him and he will never get the support for the Illinois type of draconian initiatives..nobody in the house or senate is that crazy…the Pelosi faction non withstanding..there are very few who could stand for reelection if they attacked the essense of the 2nd ammendment.
    Nobody needs an SSK or AR, but I would think twice about anyone who opposes or proposes them… you just got to take another look…
    the guys in Mexico are outlaws with plenty of bucks to buy whatever they need from who ever will sell it not comparable to joe stupid.

  13. Grootch says:

    Andy, I agree with you. It’s a completely different context in Mexico.

    I’m just tired of all these butthurt conservatards popping out of the woodwork with conspiracy theory bullshit. When they try to take my shotgun and my .270 I (and other level-headed individuals like me) will abandon the left for the libertarians. It’s just that simple. Nobody is going to take away your right to hunt without a huge fight. The only one taking away your right to hunt is land owners sick of watching their property being shot up by conservative assholes with a false sense of entitlement.


  14. Charlie B says:

    This is one area where I kinda sorta a teeny bit don’t completely disagree with conservatives. First of all what constitutes an assault weapon? If I come at you with a sharp stick then I am assaulting you, which makes my sharp stick an assault weapon when you think about it. I’m not sure if blaming mexican gun-related gang violence on american gun control policies qualifies as a straw man argument but it does seem like bullshit.

    Personally I think every adult with no violent criminal record or serious mental illness should be required to own a firearm. The hoplophobes (thanks remrafdn) could keep theirs locked up tight in a safe in some dark corner of their basement. At a young age, say 8, every child should begin extensive and comprehensive lessons in the use and upkeep of firearms so they can truly learn that guns aren’t toys and should be respected as the tools that they are. Because when it comes down to it, that’s all they are, tools. Eh, my two cents, at a hefty discount.

  15. Bryan K says:

    I’m with Charlie on this one. Even though I don’t interpret the Second Amendment to mean that individuals have the right to bear arms, I do think it is an important right for the protection of our own liberties to be able to bear arms.

    The day the government takes away my right to own a firearm is the day I will go out and get a firearm.

  16. remrafdn says:

    The US Army defines assault rifles as “short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachinegun and rifle cartridges”.

    Primarily limited to the United States, the term assault weapon is a political term, separate from the military definition. I spent some time yesterday looking for the right word to describe the misnomer “assault weapon”. Golden hammer, silver bullet, panacea, buzzword, etc. None of them seemed quite right. Then old Charlie nails it. Bullshit. I was not yet 10 years old when I started shooting .22 Long Rifle cartridges in a .22 WRF rifle. The empty shell casings were all split down the side and I wondered why. Looking back, I never had an injury, but I will concede, I was damn lucky. We need an 11th Commandment like “Treat every gun as if it was loaded.” Martin Luther said “What does this mean?” . Don’t point it at anything you don’t want to kill.

  17. Bryan K says:

    I did play around with firearms a lot as a child until I actually killed something with one. That was the day I decided I didn’t like them. No, in fact, I’ll go so far as to say I postively loathe firearms, but it was incidents well after I had given up firearms that turned that hate into loathing.

    I look at it this way. A firearm is a tool. It is meant to kill. Sometimes, killing is necessary. Every person stands a good chance of running into a situation where killing is necessary at some point in his/her life. I hope I never again run into such a situation, but if I do, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the government take away the best odds I’ll have at escaping that situation.

  18. andy g says:

    I think this is one of those thread/points where we have common ground and a rare moment to toast ourselves…you don’t need a gun, but you never know..the human is the perfect assault weapon by definition..just needs an implement..remember..us, apes, river otters…tool users..
    be safe guys, and heres a toast to you..we ain’t perfect but we beat the fuck out the strokes in second place…
    now, off to find something to bitch about for the next couple of minutes before I gotta get back to work.

  19. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    difference between an sks and an M1 Garand?
    or and M30 carbine? besides caliber I mean. oh, one is a commie assault weapon, the other two are collectable us militaria.
    I can get a folding stock w/pistol grip for my ruger 10/22 and an extended capacity magazine…does that then become an assault weapon?
    The anti-gun jackasses make it as vague as possible, and always throw in reference to fully automatic weapons…which anyone with a brain knows are illegal and not part of the fucking equation in the first place. What exactly is the difference between a civilian AR and a Ruger Ranch Rifle. Oh yeah, one looks more dangerous.

  20. remrafdn says:

    I shot my first deer, a buck, in 1958. For 40 years I hunted deer in NM, CO, MT, WY, and ND. After smoking for 50+ years I am too damn short-winded to do it any more. I spent a hell of a lot of money processing deer meat that never got eaten. We used to have a sausage party every year. Stuff sausages, grill them, and flush them down with beer. The current years sausage was always “even better than last year’s”, but there was always some left in the deepfreeze come fall. It’s not just about killing something. They need to be managed. When I was a kid if you saw a deer you wrote it on the calendar. Now, almost every member of my immediate family has hit a deer. That gets expensive. Same with prairie dogs. They do a lot of damage to rangeland. They bring up that yellow dirt and nothing grows in it. I have read where guys in MT and CO have shot thousands of them. Guides in SD and MT advertise “safaris” at $200+ per day. I’m not into body count. Like in diving, it’s degree of difficulty that counts. If you hit one at 3-400 yds that takes skill. I ahve loaded my own shells since ’58 and have adopted some of the techniques used by the bench rest shooters I met in AZ. Uniformity is the goal. Eliminate the variables. Put all the bullets in one hole. Those guys have $2-3000 rifles and $1000 scopes. Guys from NY, VA, and SC come out to Phoenix to compete. Big bucks. I’m not in that league, but it is an interesting way to spend a day.

  21. andy g says:

    remrafdn: Have always bemoaned the loss of the blackfooted ferret..scourge of PD’s everywhere.

  22. reality says:

    “Also, why do you think you should be able to hunt without a plug?”
    If you cite where I said that, I’ll answer your question. FYI – it’s a little tougher to shoot clay “pidgeons” than straw men.

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