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  1. Bryan K says:

    Great. I guess I’m not eating breakfast today.

  2. Charlie B says:

    Sometimes you gamble and lose.

  3. andy g says:

    the dangerous days…memorial weekend to labor day….tighten up and avoid beans and coffee together.

  4. Bryan K says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have this problem? I find it absolutely disgusting.

    And I even fart quite liberally.

  5. Vertigo says:

    BEEP BEEP…..

    Is the only thing you do liberally……….


  6. Bryan K says:

    Well, I never did claim to be a liberal. Personally, I think liberals and conservatives are both whack jobs.

  7. Redneck Princess says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a funnier sentence than, “And I even fart quite liberally.”

    Thanks for the laugh, billybones AND Bryan K.!

  8. andy g says:

    BK: I was stunned…I never figured you for a liberal farter…I always figured you for one of those sneaky guys who rip a SBD and then look funny at his date….kind of a closet conservative farter with sadistic overtones, of course.

  9. Bryan K says:

    Nah…I’m more of a “whoah, smell that one honey” kind of guy. As ol’ Fat Bastard says, “Everyone loves the smell of his own stink”. I take responsibility for what’s rightfully mine, though I do admit that the loud ones kind of ruin the fun sometimes. I’d rather people had no warning.

    I’m not a disgusting pig, either, however. I can be considerate for others around me. However, I did learn on the long car trip to Yellowstone and back last summer that passing livestock on the highway is not an opportunity to be trifled with.

  10. remrafdn says:

    There is a lagoon between Mayville and Portland we used to call Turd Lake. Driving down Hwy 18 my buddy would cut one and then say, “Jesus, Turd Lake stinks tonight.”

  11. andy g says:

    Activity 23 on the “Man Card Exam” is watching the camp fire scene in “Blazing Saddles”, if you do not guffaw, you are denied the card…chopped as it were. A complete man thing. (Has to be watched to its fitting conclusion and Slim Pickens’ glorious commentary.

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