MSNBC’s MADCOW criticizes Obama on Iraq.

Well, it’s starting.  I predicted that Obama would end up having more issues with his "supporters" than with Republicans.  That has not yet been the case, especially when one looks at the stimulus package.  But the far left, who were among his earliest supporters, didn’t expect a pragmatist, they expected a lefty bomb thrower.  Too bad for them…but good for the country.

Obama’s Iraq plan resemble Bush’s….only on the surface.  Of course Madcow’s foreign policy chops are what???  What exactly is her level of understanding of military?  Oh, but one wouldn’t want geopolitical reality to get in the way of ideology now would we?

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5 Responses to MSNBC’s MADCOW criticizes Obama on Iraq.

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s a pity when the promises a candidate makes to his supporters are thrown to the wayside once in office.

  2. bisonaudit says:

    Madcow? Remind me again what the previous post was about. Oh. That’s right. Gender bias.

    Shibley $4,000

  3. Vertigo says:

    Baby steps, Bison… baby steps. Billy may have a long way to go, but we must accept the progress we have………

  4. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    yeah…i know…and i knew it when i did it…and i would do it again….sorry. it’s more about the name fitting.
    sort of like druggie limbaugh
    or big red ed…

  5. conservative says:

    kill all the fuckin’ brown people! usa! usa! we’re #1

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