A Holiday Toast to:

My Wife: Enough Said.

The Regulars: You all make life a little more interesting.  Salud! (yes, even vert!)

Pres. Elect Obama: May you live up to your potential and be a leader instead of a political hack.

Newt Gingrich: For telling the RNC and sundry right wing talkers to knock of the attempts to link Obama to Blagojevich, and reminding them that in a time of crisis like we are facing, it is important to try to come together and find solutions.

My Boss, who shall remain nameless, and my fellow employees: For putting up with me.

Public Libraries: From all voracious readers….Cheers!

To all the volunteers and staff at homeless shelters etc. : THANKS and GOD BLESS!

To Remrafdn: For being you….for sending me info…pertinent and impertinent…



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14 Responses to A Holiday Toast to:

  1. Vertigo says:

    BEEP BEEP….;OP…..

    Merry Christmas to you too, and to all a great new year!! Even VERT!

  2. Bryan K says:

    I hope everyone had a good solstice. The days are getting longer, so we can rejoice.

  3. andy g says:

    keep yourselves safe and have a great “insert phrase here” and continued good health to all..

  4. Bryan K says:

    I made it through a Christmas this year without a single confrontation! Not a single person asked if I was Jewish when I said that I don’t celebrate Christmas. Not a single person accused me of trying to take Christmas away when I wished him a happy holiday season.

    Is society growing up?

  5. Grootch says:

    Bryan K:


  6. Grootch's girlfriend says:

    My holiday toast:

    The K-Y is on the nightstand,
    the shoehorn is on the shelf,
    I saw that great big thing of yours,
    And I chloroformed myself.

  7. Vertigo says:

    Apparently not, Bryan. Not after seeing Grootches last post on In-Forum.

    Grootch, I am a little more than dissapointed with that post. Not only was it mean spirited, but you posted a picture in a forum that could very easily get back to the person who you called so ugly that she made you vomit.

    I thought you were above that.

  8. Vertigo says:

    Since the holidays are over, and the sentiment was ruined… I would like to post off topic beaconing back to the very old topic of the guy who had his pennies rejected for a fine.

    I just had something happen yesterday I too had the distinct urge to retaliate because of bad personal service. It was at Hu Hot.

    The bowls are too small to contain the number of ingredients I like to include, let alone the volume of the sauces I put in. The Tai Pad noodles alone fill the bowl beyond anything manageable without anything else! I always find myself piling an unmanageable mess that is dripping sauce all over the floor, and that sticky floor is gross.

    I have started taking 2 bowls, one for the meats which get the soy based sauces, and the other for the vegetables which get the sauces that compliment them. I am not the only person who does this, there were 3 others right around me who did also.

    A guy at the grill.. in no soft voice, chastised us and told us we were NOT allowed to do this. No good reason, we could have just as easily said we were making one for our wifes at the table with an infant and it would have made no difference to his job.

    Mind you, I don’t mind taking an extra trip, but its not about the serving size, the bowls are simply too small to handle the uncooked food! I am not the only person who feels this way, there were 3 other people there with me, and the tirade wasn’t directed only at me. I resisted the urge to dump the one bowl on the other… sauces pouring all over the counter just to make him happy.

    I didn’t though, it would have been just as childish as paying a traffic fine in pennies. I will take 2 bowls next time though… whats he going to do, reject a customer who hasn’t paid yet?

  9. Grootch says:

    Oh for god’s sake Vert: Lighten up. By the way, I’ve tangled with her before on the High Plains Reader opinion pages as well. She’s nothing more than a cheerleader, an ignorant cheerleader.

    Besides… would YOU really wanna see THAT body naked? And given that consensus, why does she feel the need to share it with others? If she’s comfortable being nude, why isn’t being nude in the privacy of your own home and/or private property enough?

    Ban gay marriage because it’s DEVIANT but maintain beaches, off the public dime, full of exhibitionists?

  10. Grootch says:

    By the way, she also ran for public office, and makes more than her fair share of public appearances and statements, so it’s not like I peeked in her fucking window and snapped off a 35mm. She’s a PUBLIC FIGURE.

  11. Charlie B says:

    Does she have her teeth filed like a vampire? http://tinyurl.com/74g7ak

  12. Vertigo says:

    I realize the paparazzi uses celebrity as an excuse for invading peoples privacy and attacking them, Does this make it right? Does celebrity justify your publicly humiliating someone?

    I believe, Grootch, you can have a little more class. She’s apparently a little less than a natural “10”, and I definitely see the humor in what you say… I cannot deny its even truthful, but you can be a little subtle, or even use humor instead of gross base insults. I think you are a little above that. At least I THOUGHT you had more class. Apparently not.

    As Bryans question was… “has society matured” and just as you answered No… you also validated your own answer.

  13. grootch's gal says:

    More like exit laughing honey. Great big thing? Now you know why he is always groochy. Luckily I am a midget and can appreciate his, er, peculiarity.
    Don’t worry babe, it isn’t the meat. It is the motion.

  14. andy g says:

    …in regards to the photo and “natural 10 commentary..” she isn’t a 4 with a six-pack of everclear…there isn’t enough whiskey in the world….I wouldn’t with verts unit..etc..etc..etc…though the sentiments regarding Rice are noble..scary passle of distaff..maybe Ed Schultz is looking for something more appropriate…

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