Gen Abazaid….

It’s amazing the factoids that one comes across while reading.  There was always something familiar about Gen Abazaid, but I could never remember what it was…

He was the Ranger officer who parachuted with his men into Grenada and then had one of his men drive a bulldozer toward the Cuban troops, as he advanced behind it.

They called him the Mad Arab.

Sounds like he was pretty well liked by people who served under him.


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4 Responses to Gen Abazaid….

  1. remrafdn says:

    Anybody out there read Doonesbury? The last couple days he has mentiond 2 star General Blackledge and 4 star General Carter Ham as suffering from PTSD.

  2. Family Circus says:

    What does Beetle Bailey say about it? Idiots get news from cartoons.

  3. Bryan K says:

    It is hard for me to imagine anyone in the military NOT suffering from PTSD. In fact, basic training for the military includes a conditioned form of PTSD. They call it “getting ready for battle”.

  4. andy g says: leave something behind…if you don’t you are a sociopath.

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