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People I Don’t want to hear from in 2009

OK…I have to do this… here is a partial list of people who i hope avoid the media and go away for the year: Al Gore George W Bush Jimmy Carter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Rush Limbaugh Scott Hennen Al Franken Norm … Continue reading


Happy New Year….Drinks on the house

Well, I’m out of here again..may well be a few days before i get back here again…or it may be tomorrow, it all depends… But I wish you all well…and be safe…

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Blago rumored to makeappointment, senate vows to not seat appointment..

Ah yes, this is getting interesting. Blago is rumored to be appointing Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris, an african american, to the senate seat vacated by barack obama. The senate has stated that they would take action to not seat someone appointed … Continue reading


from the grootch, lord high grootchy


A Holiday Toast to:

My Wife: Enough Said. The Regulars: You all make life a little more interesting.  Salud! (yes, even vert!) Pres. Elect Obama: May you live up to your potential and be a leader instead of a political hack. Newt Gingrich: For … Continue reading


Lumps of Coal to:

  Congress: For accepting a raise after lecturing others about their spending. Corporate CEO’s involved in the banking Crisis: To the arrogant assholes who were more intent on lining their pockets than doing their job…may you suffer the same fate … Continue reading


Mexican beauty queen arrested in gun-filled truck

"GUADALAJARA, Mexico – A reigning Mexican beauty queen from the drug-plagued state of Sinaloa was arrested with suspected gang members in a truck filled guns and ammunition, police say." "Zuniga was riding in one of two trucks, where soldiers found … Continue reading


For Grootch…Hitchens on warren

"I think we are all entitled to ask and to keep asking every member of the Obama transition team until we receive a satisfactory answer, the following questions: Will Warren be invited to the solemn ceremony of inauguration without being … Continue reading


Gen Abazaid….

It’s amazing the factoids that one comes across while reading.  There was always something familiar about Gen Abazaid, but I could never remember what it was… He was the Ranger officer who parachuted with his men into Grenada and then … Continue reading


Obama/Rick Warren both come under fire from their respective base..

Barack Obama’s choice of Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the inaugrural invocation has drawn the ire of gay rights activists and the far left base of Obama’s supporters because of Warren’s support of Prop. 8. in California. Rick Warren is … Continue reading