Dr. Rodney Lee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer …..By Bryan K

Over the past six months, three of my close friends have disclosed to me that one of their high school kids was caught with opiates like oxycodone (Percoset) and hydrocodone (Vicodin).  It seems that there is a huge influx of this kind of drug use going around area schools especially since local law enforcement agents have cracked down so hard and effectively on meth dealers.  It really makes one wonder…where are these prescription narcotics coming from?
When Dr. Rodney Lee was accused of 5 counts of violating his medical license last month, a huge bright lightbulb came on.  As I sat listening to the Ed Schulz show last week as callers recanted their awesome experience with Dr. Lee and the ease at which he was prescribing them narcotics to deal with their chronic pain, an thought occurred to me.  Oh, my God.  These people are addicts!
I know what opiates are.  I have taken them.  I have dealt with people who are addicted to them.  My mother is an opium addict, and one of the chief side effects of withdrawl from opiates is the chronic onset of pain.  Furthermore, opium is one of the most physically addictive drugs in the world, and these opiates which Dr. Lee was freely handing out like candy are all derivitaves of opium.  The chief side effect of opium addiction is that a user quickly becomes acclimated to the dosage, which will increase dramatically over time as a result.  Furthermore, these drugs get people high.  People are operating vehicles and working at their day jobs, and no one even knows they are addicted to pain medication.  Look at Brett Favre and Rush Limbaugh.  Who would’ve known?  One of my friends’ sons actually got lost on his way home because he forgot where he lived.  They haven’t moved since he was born.
People on the Ed Schulz show were lauding Dr. Lee because he only charges $20 to $30 to write out a prescription.  Of course, no one who called was willing to recant how Dr. Lee’s receptionists were the ones filling out the prescription forms.  No one was willing to divulge how Dr. Lee was seeing over 600 pain patients a month and writing out over 600 prescriptions for those pain patients per month.  That’s 20 per day, hardly enough time to be able to tell whether or not these patients were addicts or whether or not they actually needed pain medication. 
What the city of Fargo saw last month was perhaps one of the most significant drug busts in the history of the metro area.  If our area youth are lucky, he will spend a very long time in prison.
Bryan K
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  1. Vertigo says:


    Evidence.. legal representation.. jury….


    Nothing like a well working judicial system with media people convicting people without actual evidence…

    You do make Hannity proud Billy.


  2. Grootch says:

    Well written and well thought. Thanks Bryan K.

    I personally have never taken drugs (except for that time I tried weed with a girl I had a crush on since Jr. high when I was 19) but I have friends. I have eyes. And when I read in the paper that the sign on the door mentioned, first thing: YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO PAIN MANAGEMENT, well…


    Maybe they should release him, but make him turn it into a Methadone clinic. =)

  3. Grootch says:


    How is any of that relevant?

    1) He went to medical school
    2) He passed his boards
    3) He was licensed in North Dakota
    4) He was making prescriptions “based on examining the patient”
    5) The state smelled bullshit (and rightly so) and suspended his license until it is reviewed by a board of his peers

    Now, if he were still making prescriptions or seeing patients while his license is suspended? That would invoke the legal system yes. As is? What is there to litigate?

  4. Bryan K says:

    Actually, Vertigo, this piece was written by me…and I came to these conclusions both from testimony given by people trying to support Dr. Lee as well as being a former patient of his. Furthermore, Dr. Lee is not even contesting four of the five allegations being brought against him.

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Dr. Lee was criminally negligent.

  5. Vertigo says:

    My apologies to Billy, I thought you wrote this and obviously you didn’t. I am sorry.

    This doesn’t change my point that kangaroo court by the media is NOT appropriate.

  6. Bryan K says:

    Sounds to me like the media is portraying Dr. Lee as a hero.

  7. Vertigo says:

    You made the connection, Bryan, that Lee was supplying all the drugs to area high schools. That Lee was the main supplier for all the opium addicts in the region.


    I lived in the Hillsboro region for 5 years, which is where his sattelite clincs were, I seem to recall one in Ada and one in Mayville. His clientele wasn’t bored housewives and high school jocks looking for plastic surgury, pills and steroids. They were mostly farmers. There are many older people in the small towns who don’t have the time or the resources to travel to Fargo.. sit in a waiting room for 2 hours to get pain pills. Older people who are developing aging symptoms and cancer are NOT the same as passing out opiates to high school kids.

    I think he has openly admitted to being free handed with the prescription pad, and he obviously couldn’t be at all the clinics and sattelites to the volume he claimed. Does this mean he is a corner drug pusher as you describe or did he perhaps hand out presigned prescriptions to better enable his staff to fill the needs our own medical system is so clearly failing at providing.

    The region, especially the remote areas is having a chronic problem getting adequate health care and Dr. Lee was filling a niche’ as best he could. He just POSSIBLY might have always had the best interests of the communities he served at heart and wasn’t doing what you so biasedly stated in your little essay.

    Please back up your article with facts. I want to hear about vicodin and pergoset being given to teenagers. Give us proof of your obviously fabricated connection between Dr. Lee and all the opium addicts in our community.

    I live here and don’t see the problem. I guess you living so far away see the drug addiction and pushers on the streets of Fargo, Grand Forks Fergus Falls and Hillsboro with unbiased eyes.

    Personally, there are investigators and lawyers who have the actual truth, and it will be revealed in due time without you inflaming the situation based upon shallow assumptions.

  8. Charlie B says:

    I didn’t really know what to think about this until one of my co-workers told me about his former roomate’s experience with Dr. Lee. The guy is a pillhead and was getting the majority of his fix from rapid-care. As soon as they shut them down, the guy’s phone started ringing off the hook and sketchy people started showing up looking to get any extra ‘scrips’ he might have. That’s why my co-worker doesn’t live with the guy anymore. He thinks one of these junkies stole a bottle of his CHOLESTEROL medication not knowing what it was. Crazy shit man.

  9. Grootch says:

    News is news. Supply and demand. Who deems what is appropriate for the media? In a free society information will flow freely. Thanks to the internet (and this is why I will viciously attack those who oppose net neutrality) wrong-doers no longer have any place to hide.

  10. Grootch says:


    You have some interesting opinions on things. Was he helping some people? Sure, probably. But the evidence is overwhelming here.

    Making drugs freely available for people who don’t require them is dealing drugs. Plain and simple.

    If he didn’t have time to see all his patients, then why didn’t he hire another doctor? Oh, that’s right, because he was only charging people $20 to have his secretaries crank out ‘scripts’ and couldn’t afford to operate ethically. Boo hoo.

  11. Bryan K says:

    Wow, Vertigo. Like usual, you totally missed the point.

    I did NOT make the accusation that Dr. Lee was directly supplying drugs to teenagers. That is you reading what you want into what I write, which is something you happen to be quite skilled at.

    Here is what I stated: Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I know this because I am good friends with two different teachers in the Fargo-Moorhead area as well as a local school counselor plus being active in a chemical dependency program that sees a lot of teenagers come and go. Vicodin and Percoset, in addition to marijuana and alcohol, seem to be the drugs of choice these days especially among teenagers.

    When I was younger, I had the opportunity to take both Vicodin and Percoset recreationally. I’ve also been prescribed morphine and Vicodin in a hospital setting. I’ve smoked opium, I’ve swallowed opium, and I’ve swallowed heroine. The effects of these drugs are all the same. The withdrawl symptoms of these opiates include chronic pain. But the biggest issue is the fact that these drugs were almost impoossible to get back then. High school kids these days have easy access to them, and no one knows where they are coming from.

    No, I am not saying that Dr. Lee was supplying our high schools with these drugs, though I would be quite surprised if some of the drugs in our high schools weren’t coming from him indirectly. What I am saying is that since we have a huge problem with these drugs, we need to keep a tight lid on the supply lines.

    What Dr. Lee did was criminally negligent. Whether he was trying to help his clients or not, he was supplying a very highly addictive and very heavily controlled substance without taking the proper steps to do so. In my eyes, anyone who prescribes an opiate to a client without properly checking out the client’s need for that opiate deserves to be in prison.

  12. Bryan K says:

    Oh…and by the way…I live in Fargo.

  13. Charlie B says:

    Bryan K, me thinks vert had you confused with andy g, the only regular corner bar patron from lands far and away.

  14. andy g says:

    ya, I am a little east of you guys these days..I do know that back in Walsh County there is a chrnic shortage of quality health care and it is just getting worse. I think we should pay tuition for young medical students, put them through med school, and resident work then get them to work as GP’s in rural areas for 3-4 years, just rotate them in and out and hopefully a few like it and stay. Same thing for school teachers..they need tuition assistance and we need a nice supply of young teachers..hopefully a few take root and become members of the community on a permanent basis.
    This guy we speak of was pretty free and easy with prescriptions, but there is a line between negligent and criminal intent..I believe he has had his license put on ice for now, correct?

  15. Bryan K says:

    Leaving a fully loaded pistol on a five year old child’s bed is negligent. There is no intent, but the person who left it there will likely go to prison if the child gets hurt.

  16. andy g says:

    only way the parent goes to prison is if the weapon was illegal…unfortunate accident. Not that I agree with that judgement. They have not criminalized stupidity yet.

  17. Bryan K says:

    Most states have laws on the books that find parents criminally negligent for storing firearms within easy access of children. The applicable law on the North Dakota books is 62.1-02-07 which states: “Use of firearm by certain minors prohibited – Penalty. Any parent, guardian, or other person having charge or custody of any minor under fifteen years of age who permits that minor to carry or use in public any firearm of any description loaded with powder and projectile, except when the minor is under the direct supervision of the parent, guardian, or other person authorized by the parent or guardian, is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.” This law was upheld to explicitly hold parents accountable for the storage of firearms in Olson v. Hemsley (ND, 1922) which found that sufficient evidence existed for a jury to find that keeping a loaded gun within easy access of a minor constituted negligence.

    In Minnesota, the statute in question is ยง 609.66, which states: “Whoever does any of the following is guilty of a misdemeanor…. Without the parents or guardians consent, furnishes a child under 14 years of age, or as a parent or guardian permits such child to handle or use, outside of the parents or guardians presence, a firearm or airgun of any kind, or any ammunition or explosive.” This was upheld to hold similar jurisdiction under Gordon vs. Hoffman (MN, 1981), where a parent was held to be criminally negligent for leaving a firearm within easy access of a minor but not responsible for the death caused by leaving a firearm within easy access of said minor.

    I have yet to be able to find any cases being brought before the United States Supreme Court.

  18. Bryan K says:

    I hit submit too soon…

    You are right, Andy, in that the person criminally negligent in these cases will probably not go to prison. However, you are incorrect in stating that we have yet to legislate stupidity.

  19. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    fuck me vert…if ya got such a fucking hard on for me that you ignore stuff written in bold in the title stating who wrote something…for fucks sake, why the hell do you come back?
    anyway..my stand is, anyone who works regularly with controlled substances knows the laws re: storage. dr. booger kept narcotics in an unlocked desk drawer. law is that they have to be double locked..ie. locked cabinet in a locked room.
    also, he was billing appts that were covered by either PA’s or nurse practitioners as seen by a dr. basically screwing with Medical Assistance reimbursement rates. i’ll be suprised if there aren’t criminal charges.

  20. Vertigo says:

    Once AGAIN, Billy, I apologize. Once I realized my mistake, I rescinded it. I usually only scan headlines, they are meaningless and often misrepresent. Its the content I follow and the signature is who wrote it. This had your signature on it, not Bryans; on the very bottom where I can view it while I draft my post. Its not about my being out to get you, it represented you as the author.

  21. Vertigo says:

    “I did NOT make the accusation that Dr. Lee was directly supplying drugs to teenagers.”

    Read your little “Essay” again, Bryan. You know what a “Thesis Statement” is, don’t you? Your post starts with verbiage about drug addiction in the schools, it finishes with verbiage about drug addiction in the schools. The context is that he is a local drug pusher. When you play the inappropriate CONTEXT game, I will point it out.

    I am not denying he POSSIBLY did give out inappropriate drugs to people, my point is that this is an ongoing investigation, and there is evidence even the REAL media doesn’t have access to, let alone the all knowing you. To convict him of being a petty pusher the way you did is EXACTLY the same thing Billy does when he blindly attacks the Democrats.

    Your post is only indicative of a media that creates an ignorant society. Its also the kind of thing a neo con… not a free thinking independent does. Get all the proof, let the system do its job…

    Let the LAW convict him and THEN pull out the pitchforks, nooses and torches.

  22. Grootch says:


    This is a forum for opinions. If we had to wait for litigation before we were able to discuss anything in this world, well…

    And it’s not like we’re talking about lynching him.

    Your post above is just silly, face it. Calm down.

  23. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    vert..the whole purpose originally for the bar was for the so called “group from hell” ie. the regulars here, to have a place where we could toss out subjects and state our opinion without being constantly censored by the in-forum moderators. i have no desire or pretentions toward a wide audience, i make no claims at being a media person or a journalist..we just plain like arguing and discussing, and this was the easiest way to do it. it has fallen on me as proprietor of this little thing to keep posting things to stir things up. many of the cartoons are sent by other people…i post some, don’t post others. if someone specifically requests i post something i do, whether or not i agree with it. i have deleted posts by one person only, and that was because he was making attacks on a regular that i felt were beyond the pale. i have recieved a few submissions lately, for which i am greatful. you are free at anytime to send me something and unless i find it absolutely tasteless i will post it. (i won’t post porn stuff, not our thing here….same with explicity racist bullshit.) don’t like what you see..this is a group thing, send me something you do like.

  24. Bryan K says:

    You amuse me, Vert. The media I have listened to has made Lee a martyr. People are lauding him because he (his secretaries?) have issued them narcotics for $20 per appointment. I have listened to people who were seeing Dr. Lee solely for the purpose of getting their opiate fix.

    I went to Dr. Lee’s clinic last winter. I knew little about him at the time. I had a cat bite infection. I waited a bit too long because I thought I had pulled my calf jumping rope. When it started turning blue, I needed immediate attention. I got in first thing in the morning, and I left Dr. Lee’s clinic with two prescriptions. One was for an expensive anti-biotic, since I’m allergic to pennicilin, and the other was for Vicodin. I didn’t fill the Vicodin prescription because I am a recovering opiate addict. I told the nurse/doctor/whoever the hell it was that I saw this. The prescription was written out anyway. That is criminal negligence.

    The fact that Dr. Lee is only contesting one of the five charges brought against him speaks volumes.

    As usual, I’ve done my research. As usual, you haven’t.

  25. Vertigo says:

    Isn’t it a little hypocritical to criticize me for posting about people who are posting innapropriate stuff? I don’t mind that they do it, its why I log on! Go ahead and make yourself look ignorant by posting unfounded personal attacks and specious accusations. Just expect me to respond and point out the flaws in your logic, and the cheap petty way it makes you look.

    If you want, you can post on the real issue and encourage real discourse to discover the truth. Did you notice how interesting the abortion thread is? The issue here is how many health care providers provide unethical care. Too bad thats not the topic, is it? The topic is a personal attack on someone who may or may NOT give ethical care.. and the truth has yet to come out. Note how THIS thread is turning out. Annoying and as enriching as the original topic was….NOT.

  26. Vertigo says:

    Um.. well researched Bryan? To relate your singular experience is not research.. its barely anecedotal. To say that all high school students are addicted to opiates and since this person has written innapropriate scripts makes him the worst pusher of all time is specious at BEST. Lets see the results of some of your research.

    You claim your spurious accusation is correct because the Media has been drawing a positive picture of this doctor is.. well.. The truth is they are using the available information to report the story, and it actually MEANS SOMETHING when all they can find is positive evidence. Small wonder its a positive story!

    Lets discuss the only real piece of evidence you have, your opiate addiction and the prescription written. Have you thought that just perhaps the Doctor, one who was NOT YOUR REGULAR doctor considered the idea you were able to make your own decisions on your health care and instead of leaving you in pain with no choice, gave you the resources to stop it? My regular Dr. allows ME to make my own health care decisions, and prescribes what I request. He has also prescribed medications I have chosen NOT to take, but they are still there. He enables me to make my own health care descisions. To me this is GOOD Doctoring, not drug pushing.

    As I said, I am not directly defending Dr. Lee, he very well may be unethical, and getting a huge kickback from the Vicodin company, but the evidence hasn’t been released to the public yet.

    You don’t know the truth, and its innapropriate to slander somebody just because you cannot make your own decisions on your own health care.

  27. andy g says:

    more kids are killed by backyard swiming pools which there are fewer of than guns in the home. Is a death by accidental drowning less traumatic than a death by accidental shooting? There is such a kneejerk reaction to guns, yet toddlers falling into pools get a pass despite the higher probability of a death by drowning than a death by shooting..where is the draconian response to that..
    BTW reading rcommendation..freakonomics, if you haven’t read it..do so..mind boggling stuff.

  28. Grootch says:


    Methinks you need to look up the definitions to libel and slander. And a blog populated by 30 people on a good day can hardly be considered libel.

  29. Vertigo says:

    A simple search on Dr Lee gives international access We MAY have 30, but we may also have 4,375,965. To say we are not viewed so its okay to libel is… well, you dissapoint me, Grootch.

    We should maintain a certain standard or our credibility is shot.

  30. Grootch says:


    What about Dick Cheney? Will you crucify me for talking poorly of him until the impeachment proceedings, if ever, are done?

  31. Bryan K says:

    The evidence, Vertigo? How about at least two dozen testimonies given to KFGO radio over the past few weeks? People are admitting that they received prescriptions for narcotics from Dr. Lee without seeing him, or any doctor, directly. Two sentences later, they are trying to support him. It’s not slander or libel. It’s criminal negligence.

    My converstaion went something like this:

    “You look like you’re in a lot of pain.”
    “I’ll manage.”
    “I could prescribe you some pain killers.”
    “No thank you. I’ve had addiction problems with pain killers in the past.”
    “Here you go. Three days’ supply of Vicodin and ten days’ supply of Doxycycline.”
    “I’ll just take the Doxycycline. I’m specifically a recovering opiate addict.”
    “Naw, you take it just in case you change your mind.”

    Um…a doctor’s job is to screen patients for possible addiction when prescribing narcotics. I freely gave the doctor/nurse/secretary all of the information he needed, and it was prescribed anyway. Criminal negligence.

    Yeah, it’s “only” anecdotal evidence, but two dozen and one cites of anecdotal evidence later, we suddenly have enough anecdotal evidence to hand down a conviction.

    “oh intensity”

  32. Grootch says:

    Bryan K:

    Why are you still “recovering” specifically?

  33. Bryan K says:

    Because once an addict, always an addict. The road to recovery is a lifelong journey, and I can assure you that the root of my problems were not the addictions themselves.

    Addiction isn’t a disease as the folks at twelve step programs would like us all to believe. Addiction is the symptom of deeper problems.

  34. Vertigo says:

    So, you present heresay of anecdotal evidence which you yourself admits is out of context….

    “Two sentences later, they are trying to support him.”

    as your conclusive evidence. Pretty lame.

    I have recieved prescriptions from MY Doctor without being seen by him. I know what my problems are just as he does, and he allows me to participate… no, he allows me to make direct decisions in my own personal healthcare. This is my RIGHT, Bryan.

    To say my Dr is a drug pusher for enabling me to make my own healthcare decisions, which is what you are doing, is also as lame as it comes.

    When this Dr. gave you the subscription, he didn’t FORCE you to fill it and pop those pills; pills you could have just as easily gotten on the street. He knew you had a problem you had control over, and he enabled you to make your own decision.

    Take responsability for yourself Bryan. Your health care is YOUR responsability, not your Doctors. When you libel someone because you are an addict, thats sad.

    This man may be unethical monster, or he may be a saint.. who knows, but you aren’t helping the situation by fabricating charges against him, convicting him before a judge does.. because you refuse to take responsability for yourself. You instead chose to shoot the messenger.

    My messenger (Dr.) is a godsend, and I thank God that I can call his nurse to get my diabetes medication (or any other) without having to wait 2 weeks and pay a high copay just to have him write a prescription which will also cost, for something I already know will work. I wouldn’t change that for ANYTHING and the only end result your libelous actions can accomplish is to take this away from me.

  35. Vertigo says:

    Well Grootch, do you think what you say about Cheney is the same as what Bryan is doing to Dr. Lee?

    In the one instance you are making snide comments in posts of personal opinions of a politician that everybody else on the internet has seen and heard… hell, the same things democrats have been saying about republicans for decades..,

    and on the other, Bryan is making unfounded accusations as the topic that may very well effect the livelyhood of a Dr. who may have done no wrong.

    Except for a few side comments from you in posts Grootch, I haven’t seen anything worthy of more than rolling my eyes at, but I WILL speak up if it crosses a line just like I do with Billy about Hillary.

    Start a topic making unfounded allegations about Cheney, and I will speak up too.

  36. andy g says:

    bryan k: Despite our many head butts..good luck on that journey, and you are correct in that it is a life journey conducted daily. Don’t lose faith in yourself..sometimes you are your only ally..or so it may seem. Your passion in this discussion is understood, in that it strikes close to home. Grootch’s point, that we are our own health steward is correct though..your concerns that in your eyes, this physician is at best enabling drug abuse is understandable given your situation. I would not want my choice in health care provided to me taken away though, so there needs to be latitude on either side of this argument.
    Good luck..
    now back to our regularily scheduled disagreements.

  37. Bryan K says:

    There are a lot of differences between cholesterol medication, or in my case, anti-depressants and Schedule II Narcotics. Hydrocodone and oxycodone are Schedule II narcotics, and the only difference between it and heroine is that heroine is synthesized by the body differently causing an immediate reaction.

    Some other examples of Schedule II narcotics? Methamphetamine, cocaine…. It is not possible to use these substances regularly for any period of time without becoming chemically dependent on them.

    If our health care was all about choice, then why not make all of these medications over-the-counter?

    The reason why is because when it comes to level II narcotics, it’s not about choice.

  38. Vertigo says:

    Too bad this discussion isn’t about the veracity of diferent drugs. Its about a Dr. under investigation, and your innapropriately libelous essay attacking him. You said he was the drug pusher who provided all the high school kids in the region with their prescription drugs. Was this true? You still need to provide ANY proof.

    Just as there is a difference between Vicodin and Avandia, there is also a big difference between being a licensed Dr. and a corner drug pusher, but you failed to differentiate that either. The only evidence you put forth was that he prescribed to YOU a drug that MAY cause YOU addiction problems. The exception, not the rule.

    What did he do wrong? I don’t know. He prescribed a pain medication to a patient who had pain. He gave you the choice of having something better than aspirin. You had the choice of filling the prescription or tearing it up- you could have done it the instant he gave it to you instead of whining about it.

    To date, there is no proof offered he did anything other than to liberally provide pain killers to people in pain… his charges are he did it too liberally, but I guess I see it differently.

    A couple of years ago, my son had a broken arm he had to have reset.. they set it wrong so they broke it again. The Dr. left the facility the minute he was done, I didn’t even see him. My kid woke up with a broken arm and no pain medications. I paced the floor with an hysterical crying toddler, a toddler going through his SECOND broken arm in 3 weeks. I would have given him a narcotic without blinking an eye. I held him in my arms while the nurse hunted the Dr. down to get the meds prescription. She didn’t even have the authority to give him tylenol (they also wouldn’t give him anything in the ER when he initially broke his arm).

    I would rather have the system changed where she could give him something, not making it stricter because you were offended that a Dr gave you something you didn’t have to consume because YOU are an addict. I would rather have a Dr. who gives out pain medication to those in pain than one that withholds them for philosophical reasons like “They are Addictive” (your point).

    There are a lot of people out there who feel the same way I do. Terminal patients, cancer, arthritis, nerve damage, neurapathy, myriad chronic maladies.. there are a lot of people who feel having pain medications given liberally is more important than keeping you from your pet peeve. When my time comes, Bryan, I want a Doctor like Dr. Lee…. A Dr. who was serving the aging population of the eastern ND farming communities who have inadequate health care. An aging population who needs to travel for hours to wait for appointments.

    Frankly Bryan, if you are wrong, and he isn’t blindly distributing drugs to all the high school kids, you have done every one of these people a disservice and this Dr. probably will never go back to providing this service again.

  39. Bryan K says:


    Once again, I never stated that Dr. Lee was pushing drugs on high school students. I made a comment about how easy opiates are to get by high school students as a reason why we need to crack down on doctors like Dr. Lee who are prescribing them without a second thought to the harm that they do to some of the people they are prescribing them to. Have fun proving your libel hypothesis in court.

    I have used the testimony of two dozen different callers saying in person what their experiences with Dr. Lee were over KFGO radio.

    And if you, as a parent, are willing to give your child a level II narcotic in an effort to combat a temporary pain without regard to the long term negative side effects that such a narcotic could cause, then I would be willing to venture that you are part of the problem here.

    Yes, there may be a lot of people out there who feel the way that you do. However, these are clearly people who don’t understand the consequences of the illegal proliferation of a highly physically addictive level II narcotic. Until you’ve seen someone go through the pains of withdrawl, I’m not sure you’ll ever understand.

    Opiates are highly regulated for a very good reason. Dr. Lee is in the same category as a corner drug pusher for the improper and illegal way he handled these opiates, charges he is not contesting. That was the thesis of my essay. I used high school kids only s an example of WHY opiatea are very highly regulated.

  40. Vertigo says:

    “Once again, I never stated that Dr. Lee was pushing drugs on high school students………Have fun proving your libel hypothesis in court.”

    I will respond to this in my next post when I have a little more time, in kind…

    “I have used the testimony of two dozen different callers saying in person what their experiences with Dr. Lee were over KFGO radio.”

    No, you have claimed you heard their testimony, and you ALSO said you cherry picked only parts of their testimony and chose to ignore the parts where they speak very highly of Dr. Lee… every one of them. This is Heresay… out of context heresay to tell the trutn. Lets hear some DIRECT evidence. Lets see the ENTIRE transcripts, in context with references to the anonymous individuals making these testemonies.

    Show us some prescriptions he has written out to high school kids who are not in pain. Find me a witness who has seen him sit in a car in the back parking lot and selling scripts. If not, your Thesis statement is false, and you innapropriately libeled a healthcare professional.

    I hardly think a single dose of a pain killer to someone, no matter what the age, who just had 2 bones broken goes into the “creating a lifelong addict” level. He was later prescribed Tylenol #3’s for both this and a broken leg 4 years later. These too are level II narcotics. They were prescribed by a Dr. who is licensed and LEGAL to make these decisions, a decision you seem to think YOU should be able to make for me and my children.

    Dr. Lee also happens to be one of these trained and licensed healthcare providers who you are attacking in an unfounded manner, and its very innapropriate.

    “However, these are clearly people who don’t understand the consequences of the illegal proliferation of a highly physically addictive level II narcotic.”

    You have as yet to prove Dr. Lee was pushing illegal drugs on high school kids. In fact, to my knowledge, every single prescription he wrote was LEGAL, and he has as yet to be judged as unethical. This means by the Medical board, not by a highly judgemental and incredibly biased addict like you.

    Dr. Lee isn’t being charged with illegally handling opiates, so of course he isn’t contesting any charges of the kind. How can you contest something for which you aren’t being charged? He is being charged with distributing prescriptions too freely.

    There is a BIG difference. You don’t see this, obviously, because every time I read your post, its the same. You are accusing him of being a drug pucher to high school students. You keep defending it.

  41. Bryan K says:

    Vertigo…do you know how to read? I never, ever once even remotely came close to saying that Dr. Lee issued prescriptions for narcotics to high school students. My information comes from the KX News Team which states that Dr. Lee said “some of his patients may have sold their medication to others.”

    Lee is being accused of mishandling level II narcotics by leaving them in an unlocked drawer, the exact same thing I’m accusing him of. He is not contesting the charge, which is an admission of guilt. Lee is being accused of allowing his assistnace to write out prescriptions for level II narcotics, which is the exact same thing I am accusing him of. Lee is not contesting the charge, which is an admission of guilt. Lee is being charged with overcharging Medicare for issuing prescription refills, which makes sense if we conclude that my doctors issue prescription refills over the phone for no charge. I haven’t accused him of that, but it makes sense. he isn’t contesting that charge either, which is an admission of guilt.

    I never claimed to be an expert at deciding who needs narcotics or not, but I did say that Dr. Lee’s assistants are most certainly not qualified. And, since Dr. Lee is not contesting those charges brought against him, I would deem him not qualified to make that decision either.

    So the question is, why are you not understanding any of this? You seem so hung up on your fallacy that I allegedly stated that Dr. Lee was prescribing narcotics to teenagers. Perhaps I should be the one issuing a libel suit against you.

  42. Vertigo says:


    Dr. Rodney Lee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer …..By Bryan K Comments

    This is saying it.

  43. Bryan K says:


    Dealer (n): One who is engaged in buying or selling goods or services.

    That’s quite a stretch.

  44. Vertigo, proof of connection as promised says:

    Bryan K, an example of internet abuse.

    The internet has been found to be used, and abused by many people for evil purposes. The internet has been used to transfer drugs, weapons and contraband of all kinds. They use it find pornography, and to pass it to others; its the primary transfer method of child pornographers, and dealers of children for sexual means use it extensively. Many people use it to find sexual partners, both straight and gay. Many people use the internet as a tool to attract and seduce people for evil purposes, luring them into situations where they can be raped, tortured, dismembered, and even killed. Many internet users have been found to be addicted to their internet use and cannot stop using it until they get caught and find themselves in trouble, or even in jail.

    Bryan K, an admitted addict, is one of these people. One needs only to look on the internet, the CornerBar, for example, to find evidence of Bryan K’s internet abuses and attacks upon other people.

    We, as a society need to evaluate the dangers found in the Internet, and decide to what extent we want to allow the internet to damage our society. Child pornogpraphy, illegel weapons, drugs, even rape and murder have resulted in innapropriate internet use. We need to stop people like Bryan K before they cause anymore damage to our society.


    Just as you showed in your example, Bryan.. I said nothing about you that you haven’t admitted to. The first paragraph is nothing more than a statement of how our society is.

  45. Bryan K says:

    And your point is?

    In the example you provided, you made a statment that I am an internet abuser without providing any examples of how I abuse the internet.

    In my example. I made a statement that Dr. Rodney Lee is criminally negligent based on the fact that he is not disputing most of the charges being brought before him.

    How is this related?

  46. Vertigo says:

    Um, I brought up as much as you did… exactly as much evidence as you did. Even down to having anecedotal out of context references.

    In a court of law, not dusputing is not the same
    as admittance. He isn’t even submitting an alford plea. He is basicly pleading the 5th at this point. I assure you, his lawyers are working on the case, and how it turns out in the end will not be what you are inferring. They won’t find he was pushing drugs on teen-agers.

    This isn’t going to be a court of law issue. its going to be a medical board issue. Just as you are distorting everything in your post, you are distorting whats actually happening here. There may be negligence, but it will be up to the Medical Review board to decide this, not a judge. There have been no actual laws broken, just ethical transgressions.

    Once again, a pile of distortions created to libel the career of someone who might actually have been a postive contributor to our society.

  47. Bryan K says:

    Of course, my opinion is that he should spend a lot of time in prison, but that was clearly marked as an opinion. Yet, still, you are trying to bring forth a point that isn’t even remotely up for discussion here. I never stated that Dr. Lee pushed drugs on teenagers.

    You’ve yet to point out even the most remote example of libel in any of my posts. It is you, in continually accusing libel without any examples, who is guilty of libel in this case. Nice try, though, troll.

  48. Vertigo says:

    You didn’t make the “Pushed Drugs On Teenagers” direct verbage, but thats EXACTLY what your post said… starting with

    Dr. Rodney Lee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer …..By Bryan K Comments

    What exactly DOES “Friendly Neighborhood Dealer” mean If not dealing drugs in your neighborhood?

    You may be playing these stupid coy somantics games, but your post was crystal clear as to what you were saying, and its inappropriate to try and convict someone without having ANY of the real evidence, let alone giving them a fair say in their own defence.

  49. Bryan K says:

    I’m going to use your own words against you, Vertigo. You’re trying to convict me of libel without having any evidence. You may think that my implications were clear, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. I offered the proliferation of prescription medications among high schools in this day and age, which is fast becoming a huge problem, as the reason why we need to take the situation surrounding Dr. Lee very seriously. If you are deducing any further implications than that, then that is your own problem.

  50. Vertigo says:

    I just read your post for at least the 6th time, and you didn’t say ANYTHING of the sort.

    But you DID say…

    “If our area youth are lucky, he will spend a very long time in prison.”

    The implications are crystal clear, whether you admit it or not. This was a blatant character assasination with no real proof other than an addiction based bias.

    History will reveal itself in time. No matter what, I win, because you made unfounded allegations which is my point, whereas the only way YOU can win is if he gets convicted.

  51. Bryan K says:

    Oh, quite to the contrary, since you have done nothing to prove any of the points you have tried to make in this thread. Meanwhile, the point I made is crystal clear to everyone but you. Dr. Lee was writing out a disproportionate number of opiate prescriptions. By his own admission, some of his patients may have been selling these opiates to others. Our high school kids get these opiates from somewhere. It is extremely important to protect our kids from the perils of some of the most physically addictive substances in the world. Therefore, if our area kids are lucky, Dr. Lee will go to prison for mishandling these level II narcotics.

    I see no character assassination in that except for those that you made up.

  52. Bryan K says:

    Except, of course, for the ones you have accused me of.

  53. Charlie B says:


    Neither of you have won yet.

    Round 15


  54. Bryan K says:

    Which is all well and good, except I’ve been saying the same thing over and over and over again while Vertigo has been changing his argument with each subsequent post, dodging the issues in an effort to attack me.

  55. Charlie B says:

    I realize that, but it’s an entertaining bit of argumentative drama.

  56. Bryan K says:

    heh…well, as long as it was interesting:)

  57. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    bryan…when did vert ever let facts get in his way?

    he keeps comparing this to a news site when it clearly is an opinion forum…

  58. Vertigo says:

    Lets distort things even more, isn’t that the way you neo cons in democrats clothes work? As I said, the truth will prevail.

    Bryans point was Dr. Lee was a “Neighborhood Dealer” who was pushing drugs on teenagers and ..” If our area youth are lucky, he will spend a very long time in prison.” (Bryans quote)

    Too bad thats not what actually happened, in fact he wasn’t arrested, and it looks like its not going any further than license revocation for….

    “The allegations that Lee violated state law by pre-signing prescriptions used by physician assistants; improperly billing the North Dakota Medicaid program, and failing to properly supervise mid-level providers who worked for him in five clinics he owned until just recently.

    During a board teleconference at which the revocation was made, Lees attorney, John Goff, told the board Lee accepted responsibility for his actions, but never intended to harm anyone.”(Bis Trib)

    Yes, presigning prescriptions and sloppy bookwork resulting in extra money from medicaid. There is NOTHING in this about ANY of the charges Bryan fabricated against him. Fabricated charges that could potentially harm his future carreer if found to be false. Now that the final authority has spoken, there was NO mention of ANY of Bryans charges. Nope, no sitting behind the school with prescriptions, no pushing of drugs of any kind. Just an addmittance that its possible someone could sell drugs prescribed by him. A possibility EVERY Dr. lives with.

    I find it interesting that Bryan states HIS OPINIONS are FACTS, while Billy contradicts this and states this isn’t about facts, but about opinion and facts don’t matter. WHICH IS IT?

  59. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    Vert I speak only for myself…I make no claims to be a journalist, and as the Blog name clearly states “Arguments and opinion, courtesy of the group from hell” The only facts I stand behind are facts that I present as fact, rather than opinion. I stand by the fact that bill clinton was a consumate politician…his achievements testify to that. my opinion that he was a great politician but not a great leader is simply that, my opinion. my dislike of him and his wife is based on my opinion, and my thinking she comes across as a shrill bitch is an opinion. you once claimed i took a quote out of context..that you claiming fact, and then I proved you wrong by providing the whole quote, the article it was from, and a link to the article. I also make no claims about the veracity of anything stated by anyone else…but we all are free to post our disagreements..actually that is the point….and you frequently do so.

  60. Bryan K says:


    The only person who sees these mystical charges that I allegedly brought forth are you. The charges I accused him of are, ahem, the exact same charges he is not contesting. My opinion is that the penalty for violating those rules needs to be much steeper.

    Time to go back to English 101, Vertigo. It’s clear that you’re the only one in this thread who has no clue what he’s talking about.

  61. Bryan K says:


    If you want to talk about taking quotes out of context, all we need to do is read all of Vertigo’s posts in this thread. Pot, kettle, black.

  62. Vertigo says:

    Um, Bryan, I gave 2 (takes off his shoes to count his quotes), yes, 2 quotes. Both totally in context. That was the POINT. You are playing a somantic contextual shell game with this post and pretend we are too dumb to see it.

    The CONTEXT is established by your title… yes, one of my 2 quotes. You know what a title is, don’t you? Its a descriptor that states EXACTLY what your point. Here it is again.

    “Rodney Lee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer”

    Yes.. totally in CONTEXT. Neighborhood Dealer, Dr. Lee.!!

    Your thesis STATEMENT goes on to say the the TARGET of this NEIGHBORHOOD DEALER; Selling drugs to high school kids. Not cars, not baseball cards… but DRUGS.

    You then go on to say the damage this NEIGHBORHOOD DEALER is causing by selling DRUGS. Yes, thats CONTEXT. Note, this is what YOU said, not my quoting out of context; I didn’t even quote, All I need do is refer to the CONTEXT!

    you finally finish it off with a conclusion statement…

    “If our area youth are lucky, he will spend a very long time in prison.”

    Totally IN CONTEXT, and if you combine your thesis with the conclusion.. you know what that does, you learned it in Englesh 101… it gives the litmus test of your CONTEXT. You get…

    “Dr. Rodney Lee: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer. If our area youth are lucky, he will spend a very long time in prison.

    THATS the context, THATS what you wrote. Everything else is verbage to substantiate this. You may have forgotten your English 101, but I have not.

    Dr. Lee had his license suspended, but it wasn’t for dealing drugs to kids. It was for sloppy bookeeping… bad BUSINESS mgmnt practices. Not pushing drugs on people.

    You do our community a disservice because the gut reaction to YOUR kind of false rhetoric is to close doors to people recieving good health care… not taking better care of addicts who will get their fix somewhere else.

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