Offensive Cartoons?

this cartoon, on the cover of a traditional liberal magazine drew gasps, and cries of outrage across the mainstream media.

this cartoon, published in Rolling Stone magazine recieved little if any attention by the mainstream press.

It would seem to me that both are offensive…..yet the responses are significantly different…why does the media seem to have thinner skin regarding on candidate than the other?

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4 Responses to Offensive Cartoons?

  1. bisonaudit says:

    a) They’re both hilarious.
    2) One was in the New Yorker the other Rolling Stone.
    c) The Obama toon wasn’t a story until some humorless idiot (and I’m voting for the guy) in the Obama camp made it a story.

    attend and

  2. Grootch says:

    If anything, the New Yorker cover is a stab at Fox news and that hilarious “terrorist fist jab” comment. I almost peed my pants laughing.

    Holy fuck is E.D. Hill stupid.

  3. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    well clearly the new yorker cover was satire…and satire poking fun of the morons on the right who send out the stupid emails regarding him being muslim etc…however, the obama campaign as well as the mainstream media were pretty thin skinned about it.
    interesting the mccain the notrious hothead, or his campaign make no comment about this cartoon.

  4. andy g says:

    oddly the thread in the in-forum only mention outrage over the obama cover…without HS football scores or class B BB there is hardly any reason to check in on that site any more…and sadly very little existentialistic tail grabbing to enjoy as well.

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