Hillary Inserts Foot In Mouth In South Dakota

Hillary Clinton today cited the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign to explain why she was remaining in the race despite long odds.

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California," Clinton told the editorial board of th Argus Leader " I don’t understand it," Clinton added, alluding to the calls for her to quit.

Clinton made the statement after pointing out that her husband didn’t lock up the nomination until June of 1992, trying to point out that, by past history, it’s not late in the campaign. 

So lets see, she is staying in the race IN CASE SOMEONE KILLS BARAK OBAMA?  Given the fact that he recieved secret service sooner than any other candidate in presidential history due to death threats, this is a major screw up.  So…..she is ready to be president?

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37 Responses to Hillary Inserts Foot In Mouth In South Dakota

  1. Vertigo says:

    BEEP BEEP…..

    Why don’t we try a little harder to make a vague connection to nothing…..


  2. andy g says:

    the two have battled it out and should continue until the bitter end…for the good of the party. it is the time for final sorting out of issues that have been under the rug for dems for last 30 years. this is an opportunity once and for all for the party to cleanse itself and get back to what it once was. either claim the middle and lead or stay on the periphery and allow the republicans to claim the high ground. Currently the party has as many if not more elitists as the republicans. time to shit or get off the pot.

  3. andy g says:

    it is memorial day…take second..to all..
    we have a certain debt to those who get involved in a visceral way the defense of our liberties and rights to disagree all the time..

    to td: Thank you brother, god speed and keep your damn powder dry and your head high.
    to Bryan K: You mention your dad, be proud of him as I hope he is as proud of his son..your wrong all the time my brother but you work so hard at it, that no dad could help but be proud. All you want your kid to do is work hard..the results are always subjective.

    Remrafdn: The young Specialist is almost home. I know you are beaming with pride and gratitude. Thank you for including me in the watch for our young short timer and for giving this old ranger a reason to have a rooting interest in a straightleg outfit, LOL. Hooah and godspeed.

    Vertigo: as a citizen soldier, guys like you are asked to do a very difficult job, despite my age old prejudice (in service) about them, you and your collegues are a vital cog in the machine that defends these liberties. Hooah to you to, and thank you.

    Despite our many differences, the one thing we all here at the bar have, is a deep and abiding love of country, liberty, and the right to run our mouths..we re after all Americans. First and foremost. A micronism of our community (albeit: spread to the winds)in action, every day. You guys (all) are a fine group and I am happy to share what little time I get to myself to spend it with you engage in what from time to time is tantamount to mental taffy pulling, but is quality never the less. Hope your holiday was a nice respite from the grind.

    Carry on…

  4. Vertigo says:

    Thank you Andy, you honor us.

  5. Bryan K says:

    The irony…my father is ashamed of having served in Vietnam. I’m proud of him for that.

    I guess to each his own.

  6. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    I was off doing construction for a family member…but my sentiments are with andy…and to andy..yeah. thanks bro.

  7. andy g says:

    BonZ: You better do a pretask plan and use safe techniques, I don’t want to hear that you screwed up like I did…
    Bryan K: I hope your dad can reconcile his feelings towards his service. It was a tough time in our country, and some of the work we did would test your sense of morality. He did his job to the best of his ability, I would imagine, since it is apparent you have some very diligent work habits. I volunteered for it, so I imagine our perspective is a bit different. Remorse is something that comes and goes with most combat veterans and of course hindsight is always 20-20 and crystal clear. Still, I only hope the best for all who served in that little soiree, it tested the resolve and the faith in our government more than most people can imagine. Once you are there, you fight for your team, not the flag. The flag is the benificiary of the sense of brotherhood of the warriors. I hope he is well.

  8. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    i wuz just the slave labor

  9. Bryan K says:

    It took 25 years for my father to even start to talk about some of the shit he endured in Vietnam, and I suspect I haven’t heard the worst of it. I shudder when I think of what those memories can do to the man I grew up thinking was the most powerful man alive.

    But the shame comes from the fact that he was mislead by his government into fighting a war he thought was necessary.

    My grandfather took over 50 years to finally start to disclose some of the shit he endured in World War II. In 2001, for his 90th birthday, my aunt (his dauther) and I met with Senator Byron Dorgan to ensure that my grandfather received the medals he earned by fighting in World War II but was too proud and too ashamed to apply for. After the ceremony in which he was awarded those medals (and I sat with him during the Pledge of Allegiance because he’s not nimble enough anymore to just sit and stand at will), he opened up about his combat experience for the first time. I’ve known this man for 30 years, and I never even knew he saw combat. I never knew that the reason he is alive today is because he was outside of his tank taking a leak when his tank was hit with mortar. I never knew that on two separate supply runs between the southern tip of Italy and Rome, he was the only one of 4 or 5 different convoy trucks to make it intact. I never knew that he was sent home early after taking shrapnel in the shoulder while holding Bremer Pass in the Alps the day before he was set to be transferred to a Southern France invasion force that he swears was just as bloody and just as heroic as Normandy. To this day, he can only lift his left arm to shoulder height, and he spent 40 more years as a farmer trying to coax crops out of the dry rocky land he bought all because his family disowned him when he announced that he was going to go fight his kinsmen, the Germans, in Africa. This 90 year old behemoth broke down in tears more than once as he told me some of these stories. I didn’t know he had it in him.

    To anyone who says that I don’t value freedom and that I don’t support the soldiers who show honor in their every day lives as well as in the way they represented the United States when they fought oversees, I offer a simple “fuck you”. I know many honorable soldiers, but I must also submit that soldiering is not de facto an honorable profession. In fact, to anyone who feels the need to brag of their soldiering exploits, I can only say that there is no faster way to lose my respect.

  10. andy g says:

    thanks Bryan K, duly noted…you are exactly incorrect and damn your kin when you denounce the honor of soldiering…you still don’t get it, and you are no more a soldier than either of my sons are. You cannot be one by family, it is a society unto itself. Your father shares the pain of many of his “brothers” who to this day have issues. That is common. Your grandfather fought for his new country..something that defines the immigrant experience, and also assists in differentiating between immigration and invasion, I will bet he had his hand across his heart during the pledge as well. The brotherhood is a tough audience, and it has only a peer group of shared bonds that can judge. Judgement from outside the circle is taken with a grain of salt. Your grandfather probably didn’t have much to say as he was probably a humble hardworking man. I guess, he also did not have anyone to share with. A comrade at arms. You cannot burden your children with your issues, it is unfair. He shouldered his burden himself. He did what he had to do. My boys will never really know what things I did, unless a few team members survive me and find out that I am dead…and they drink too much, other than that..those things are over and done with..as I assume your fathers are. The VA provided a relatively useful encounter group opportunity to deal with issues, and I found out that most of my anger stemmed from my childhood, not from my service…not that I was surprised by that. We are afterall humans..ever one very different, and in a lot of ways..very much the same. We process shit differently and at different rates. That is the beauty of it..you are, however, entitled to your opinion..and that I would vigorously defend as I would vigorously denounce..but it is yours and yours alone. You have too much other shit going on for someone to judge you solely on that statement. Don’t think that anyone lies awake at night worrying about what you think. Vertigo and you kinda are similar in that fact. You’re a good kid, but awfully full of yourself.
    I did however enjoy the remembrance of your grandfather. They are a remarkable thing, those grandpas. Mine was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise joyless childhood. His death was almost as bad as when I lost my dad. Cherish him while you have him.

  11. Bryan K says:


    And now you know why I have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever. You are more full of yourself than anyone I know, and you don’t care whether you are spewing facts or ignorance. Usually, it’s ignorance you spew, but you’re too stupid to realize that there are such things as resources that people can consult to prove you wrong. You’re blinded by patriotism, don’t care about liberty, and don’t give a fuck that innocent people die as a result. You abuse those who disagree with you, and then gloat thinking you have proven something other than the bloated, knuckleheaded, glory-day, Amero-fascist that you are.

    There are two kinds of people in this world. There are the people who overcome their past, and there are people who get stuck in the past. You, my Amero-fascist adversary, are among those who are stuck in the past.

    I admire what my grandfather did for his country, but the horrible abuse he wrought upon his family and especially his children will haunt me forever. An honorable solder, yes he was. An honorable man, definitely not. If there is a hell, he will end up there, but I still respect him, Vertigo, and evern R. Jenkins more than I respect an Amero-fascist like you.

    You don’t honor me, Andy. I am ashamed that there are Americans like you.

  12. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    all right free drinks for everyone….you break my furniture i break your heads…

  13. Bryan K says:

    Also must point out that Mr. G is incapable of carrying on an intelligent debate w/o resorting to personal attacks, to which I feel compelled to rebut.

  14. td says:

    I am usually one that lets those with their opinions have them but this has become incredibly ignorant. Bryan, shut the fuck up. Andy, he doesn’t get it and never will, so it doesn’t even matter if you try.

  15. Bryan K says:

    It would help if Andy didn’t resort to condescension and personal attacks, and if he didn’t automatically discount the opinion of every person who isn’t a member of his special elite club.

    I get it. Fascism is okay with you as long as it has the American stamp of approval. There were lots of Germans who felt that way back in the 1930’s, and look at where it got them?

    I love my freedom, and I love my Constitution, just a little bit too much to let an ignorant, arrogant brainwashed fuck like Andy take it all away.

    This isn’t an attack on you, td, and it’s not an attack on soldiers in general. It is an attack directly on Andy G, who I consider to be a dispicable excuse for a human being.

  16. andy g (despicable by popular demand!..grootch eat your heart out!) says:

    ..Bryan …you truly don’t get it, or worse..I really feel sorry for you. There was no personal attack on you, if you cannot deal with people who do not buy into your line of thinking..thats life big boy..get used to it. I may have a tight line on one very narrow issue…it is based on a different life experience. Stop acting like a spoiled, petulent, precosious little child who can’t stand it when they don’t get fawned over..it is very unbecoming. You do not know me enough to realize how really despicable I am..I am offended..heartbroken actually…
    Bryan K. ..do you know how those words hurt? Deeply dude…I am mortally wounded and quite possibly set back in my recovery…did you know I was recovering from some ailment? Did you? …I am at a very fragile place in my recovery..and a vicious attack by you against my virtue and character..well Bryan..it hurts..it really fucking hurts man…you didn’t attack my politics, stance on global fucking warming (kill those methane producing bovine critters..), a womans right to chose, immigration, whether or not those poor kids in DGF were treated unfairly, how offended I am at the ignorance in construction costs for the library, on how many people the Japanese Imperial Army actually killed in Nanking, Coke or Pepsi, on whether marijuana laws should be relaxed or not, border security, on what age a kid can be tried as an adult,…..hold on there is more….on where the price of gas is going to ultimately be, who is better Vikings or Packers and why…, foreign aid and who should get it, whether or not grootch is gay (and who would care..), while we are on the subject gay rights and should gay illegal aliens have access to guns??, Hillary or Barack, or any of the great questions facing our society????? No, you attacked me personally..a quiet, humble, poor country kid..trapped in a big city..going through god knows what horrible personal struggles..a vulnerable human being…
    Bryan…think about it..and you call me despicable…shame on you..
    hey did you ever watch loony tunes? You know..syvester and tweety..the cat with a lsp and the little yellow bird who keeps thinking he sees a puddytat..thats the one…I had a vision of you lisping diittthhhhhpicabbblee (note you spelled it wrong when saying it…)when describing me..thanks for a great end to a really shit day on the job.
    You have a rare gift Bryan..you always leave me laughing..don’t ever quit being you kid..You’re aces with me..
    Despicable…you kill me…
    by the way..did you look up the rape of nanking yet??? Didn’t think so.

  17. Grootch says:

    I have no idea what the fuck was just said above. Thanks, Puff the Magic Dragon. Your incoherent… mess is…


  18. Charlie B says:

    Um… were talking about a road here, right?

  19. Vertious Goious, goofius maximus says:



    (Grabs a flimsy folding chair and breaks it over Grootches head)

    BEEP BEEP!!!!

  20. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    wait a fucking second there vertious goious, i got a score to settle with grootchimus maximus for cutting and pasting multiple times a list of republican wrongdoers assuming i was to fucking ignorant to notice….i’ll break a flimy chair over his head…and you can beat me with a pool cue for slamming hillary.

  21. andy g says:

    ..yes Charlie, we were talking about a road. Not to mention unusual dining..on how pigs feet are a delicacy in South Dakota…
    !!Barfight..oh dear!
    **sees his hero grootch attacked by Vertious Goious and helps the stunned rotarian to his feet, dusts him off and pats him on the ass…turns and glowers at Vert, throws a chinzy candle in a globe at him, Vert ducks and the crappy candle device hits Bonz between the eyes, stunning the barkeep…who reaches for the peacemaker located under the cash register enraged, the normally taciturn saloon keeper sights down on the limping oldtimer and squeezes the trigger..at that moment the geezer trips over the prone body of a passed out grootch (who had been drinking way too many tom collins’) and fell clumsily to the floor allowing the .45 caliber round to hit the Reverend Exy as he was walking in the door on is nightly mission to tend to the lost souls in the joint,, full in the chest. The stunned preacher of all things inconsequential flew back with a look of stunned amazement on his face..the farmer walked in at that time and noting the mayhem, looked down at Exy and whispered horsely “told you to can the Book of Revelations shit..not everybody buys into that stuff…dude”, Exy reached into his coat to see how big the hole was in his chest and pulled out his backup bible, a small gideons “vest pocket gospel shooter” with a .45 caliber round ball stuck neatly into the middle..he turned to the page where the ball stopped and at the indentation..Isaih 6:8..and they asked..who shall go for us..and Isaih piped up..send me! and so it was written that that is how the Existentialist Gospel Hour on the World Church Channel got its start…or so that is how the multi millionaire TV preacher, the right reverend Exy explains his ascent to the top of the heap of all TV preachers. Spritual Advisor to President Grootch, who quit drinking that day and got married soon after, started as the junior senator from ND and after winning the Fargo installment on American Idol quickly became the darling of the resurgent Bullmoose party and captured the imagination of the American public with his no nonsense appraoch to pulltab gambling in beerjoints everywhere. His dressing down of Simon Cowell in the finals is still watched by millions on youtube. ****

    fade to black and commercial interuption…

  22. remrafdn says:

    CHILLAX, people.

  23. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    If condescension were a capitol crime, we would all be swinging, side by side, at the local necktie party….

  24. Vertious Goious, goofius maximus says:

    Slaps Andy to wake him out of his..er… puff the magic dragon delusional fantasy, then realizes he IS full of himself, and solves the problem by vomiting on Andy……

  25. Vertious Goious, goofius maximus says:

    HEY… Grooch is my buddy, nobody can schmuck him but ME……..

    (Vert throws a barstool at Barkeep Billy…..)

  26. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    beep beep
    billy the barkeep ducks, and yells out “misssed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me…….right on my misogynistic ass” and then realizes that he has had way to much to drink.
    (nobody but you gets grootch…damn he tried punking me with that damn cut and paste job of his, and now you deny me my oportunity to smack him up?…..i need another drink)

    love this captcha
    older mediators

  27. andy g says:

    …he prefers Mister President now. In keeping with his NoDak roots he instructed his secret service team to come up with a suitable moniker that would satisfy his urge to give a nod to the Native American heritage of his state..hence the code name Chief Poned by Many…
    note ^^ double peoples eyebrow and grootch like victory dance…

  28. Bryan K says:

    Wow…did I incite a riot here, or what?

  29. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    yeah, and i’m putting the damages to the bar on yer fuckin tab, boyo

  30. Charlie B says:

    I’m going next door to hit on the drunken loose women.

  31. Bryan K says:

    On MY tab? I’m the only sober one here!

  32. Vertious Goious, goofius maximus says:

    Beep Beep

    On Bryans tab? Yeah!!!

    (Grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and runs for the door)

    Beep Beep

  33. andy g says:

    Charlie: Becareful over there..that is a dykes on bykes bar and you would need a helicopter gunship overhead to have a chance of surviving that mission. Never hit on a broad with a chain on a wallet and bigger biceps than you…flannel shirts and lipstick, coupled with a harley is good for a confused guy, but bad news for a date seeker when coupled with a blurred gender identidy..oh wait, that is a different malady..enter at your own risk Charlie..that place is a tough house for guys.

  34. Vertious Goious, goofius maximus says:


    hmmm…. Helicopter Gunship…

    (looks in his pants, realizes he is over qualified, throws caution to the wind and joins Charlie!)


  35. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    you suckers need to stop looking at your pants through the magnification of beer bottle lenses gentlemen.

  36. andy g says:

    the ladies over at dykes-on-bykes have magnification devices for Bobbitting the under developed as well…good hunting…if big bertha is at the door, they are dead men hunting…

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