Pennsylvania…A Meaningless Win.

Hillary won …with a gain of maybe 15 delegates.  For that matter, none of her victories have brought her much gain.  So what is the importance of the win other than prolong the inevitable?
Additional reasons why it was meaningless…..independents couldn’t vote…obama gets independent voters at rates much higher than hillary.  In the general election, indepedent and swing votes will be essential to winning the election.
An older population…older voters go toward hillary, but new first-time voters are going largely to obama.

I’m waiting… Ding Dong…..

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10 Responses to Pennsylvania…A Meaningless Win.

  1. sodomy enthusiast says:

    Ah, Pennsylvania. Make me want to wipe santorum all over the drapes.

  2. andy g says:

    aparently she pulled ahead in the popular vote though. Problems in River City….

  3. remrafdn says:

    In today’s Star-Tribune George Will makes some trenchant comments about the state of education today. As most of the posters on this blog seem to be above the 50th percentile, perhaps they, too, will agree with Will. Makes me wonder, is there a blue moon this month?

  4. Bryan K says:

    History is the most underrated class in the American classroom.

  5. andy g says:

    ..BK, I agree, not because my kid is a history major either..I was hoping for structural engineering, but he wants to teach…
    but rather because of the sad fact, that lack of knowledge about history, and its sad lessons, dooms the ignorant to the fate of repeating it. generally not in a favorable fashion.

  6. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    given the simple fact that history was my favorite subject, and in 7th grade history i caught my history teacher in more mistakes than any student he ever had (his words…..fortunately he liked me)i too think history is the most underrated subject out there.

  7. Charles Braun says:

    History was my favorite subject as well. Then I learned after i was out of school that most of what I learned were lies and 1/20 truths. It’s too bad that the winners write the history books. One side of the story certainly doesn’t cover the infintesimal sides of the truth.

  8. Bryan K says:

    When I was a junior in high school, my United States history teacher used to inundate us with date quizzes. I could never figure out what was so important about dates, so I asked him that one day. His response was startling. “Because the dates that events happened is probably the only concrete truth you will ever learn in this class.”

    I have to thank my high school history teachers for drilling the fact that history is nothing more than a series of anecdotes into my head. They taught me to question everything, especially the “truths” espoused by those who have power. They taught me to do my own research when deciding my stance on an issue, not to rely on the research of others.

  9. Vertgo says:


    Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are NOT out to get you!


  10. andy g says:

    charlie B: If you like stories like that, check the history of the cubs…I would imagine that great military victories by the French Military in the 20th Century would be fascinating as well..” we deserved better, the maginott line was brilliant….” history only embraces the winner, he can tell you the truth on why the loser excuses…

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