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Big Ed: Either Obama or Clinton will beat McCain by double didgits!

Nationally syndicated liberal talk show host Ed Schultz thinks that McCain is the easiest opponent the democrats have faced in any presidential election in recent memory.  responding to a caller on his local show News and Views, carried by 790AM … Continue reading



Check in, say Hello

I have a request…people reading this blog, please comment on this topic, say hello, make suggestions etc.  just curious how many people are lurking.  also. as you all have notices, my posts aren’t regular lately.  I have been pretty busy … Continue reading


Hillary for President : a vote that requires a willing suspension of disbelief

I think, in watching and listening to Hillary’s campaign, her repeated claims of significant foreign policy experience etc., that her own words regarding General Petraeus sum things up nicely.  To accept at face value, Hillary’s claims of 30 years of … Continue reading


Clinton draws fire for “sniper” claims

Ah, another Hillary Clinton foreign policy experience debunked.  After having claimed to have flown into bosnia and finding the airport under sniper attack, and having to run to the cars… is shown to be so much bullshit.   And confronted with … Continue reading


Hillary on Michigans primary “It’s Clear this election isn’t going to count for anything”

Hillary on Michigan then: (October) Sen. Hillary Clinton, New Hampshire Public Radio, Thursday, October 11, 2007: NHPR’s Laura Knoy: "So, if you value the DNC calendar, why not just pull out of Michigan? Why not just say, Hey Michigan, I’m … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Terrorist Baggage

Interesting thought:  Both Democratic Candidates have terrorism baggage. Hillary’s is that her husband pardoned puerto rican terrorists convicted of bombing NYPD over the objections of the justice department and the NYPD.    Hillary has linked herself to her husband’s presidency, citing … Continue reading



Well, I guess i should comment on this flap.  I’m not sure where I stand.  As much as I dislike most of the conservative Talking Heads, they raise some valid points.  1. Don’t act like the rhetoric was unknown, the … Continue reading