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"Bongs and water pipes are billed as tobacco accessories – but one Maryland lawmaker says everyone knows they’re used to smoke illegal drugs and should be heavily taxed. Democratic Senator Anthony Muse of Prince George’s County proposed a bill Wednesday … Continue reading


A Question for the Grootch (billy the bartender waxing philosophical, taking a break from the political)

In the past you said you have no belief system that you live by.  I understand that in terms of not having a prescribed set of beliefs ie: religion or philosophy that you subscribe to, but you seemed to take … Continue reading


Spambots Can Beat the CAPTCHA tests That’s right, those gibberish terms we have to type in to comment no longer will provide the security they are supposed to provide.  ain’t that great.


Illegal immigrants may get rebates?!?!?

"In their bipartisan zeal to quickly cut a deal on an economic stimulus bill, GOP lawmakers overlooked something that will certainly inflame the conservative base _ illegal immigrants could receive a tax rebate check from the government. The text of the House … Continue reading

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A John is FLUSHED!!

The rich lawyer, he of the $400 haircuts who "knows what it’s like for the common man" is terminating his campaign.  I feel no sense of sorrow at his departure.



the old warhorse proved he had some more fight left in him, and confounded the predictions of republican party prognosticators…as well as el rushbo and sean hannity.  The mainline republicans powerbrokers really do not like mr. mcain, do they?


Feminists accuse Kennedy of Betrayal

The New York Chapter of the National Association of Women is angry with Teddy Kennedy for endorsing Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton. has it he endorsed obama after hillary refused to go for a drive with him after … Continue reading

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funny obituary…thanks andy

Sad News With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it isworth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost wentunnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokie … Continue reading


Irony Abounds!

Illegal Aliens Rear End Homeland Security Vehicle!! A mini-van full of illegals rear-ended a Homeland Security SUV this morning on I-10. The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the overloaded van was heading west when it was involved in a … Continue reading

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Song of the day: Goodbye Rudy Tuesday!

well good people…will this be the end of the presidential campaign, such as it has been, by america’s mayor?   disdaining the age old adage about not putting all of his eggs in one basket, rudy seems to have done … Continue reading