2009 Cannot come fast enough.

I am sick of President Bush.  I am sick of his simplistic comments and mindless platitudes.  I am sick of his administration’s lack of integrity.  I hope on of the two parties will actually offer up a leader.  Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen because it might shake up the status quo.  It might mean we wouldn’t have business as usual in washington.  tell me, what have the Democrats accomplished since they have come to power?  What has changed? Aside from the which side of the political aisle is whining about how things are run? I’m sick of republicans who pass themselves off as conservatives and people of integrity, only to become the fat cat bastards they ran against.  and vice versa.  

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  1. says:

    Hear ya.
    Feel ya.
    Join Lakota Country!
    How about the irony that to post this message I had to type “observed production.”
    It’s all so irrelevant and meaningless.

  2. Grootch, everything you've ever wanted in a sycophant and more! says:

    McCain/Ihofe 2008 — “Cockpunching America One Groin at a Time”

    Obama/Pelosi 2008 — “Um… yeah… I guess so. Whatever.”

  3. wanderer says:

    I rarely hear any elected official talk about wanting to leave office. A few, Penny in Minnesota, and Ventura in Minnesota, actually wanted to get out. I admire that.
    Most just blabber on about “re-elect me”, and, “my work isn’t finsihed”. What a load of bovine excrement.
    The “lifers”…….those that seemingly will die in office…..Conrad, Dorgan, blah blah blah……those are the types we need to get out.
    They can harp about their clout……funny, my life hasn’t changed since Pomeroy’s been in, for the good or bad.
    I change my socks once in awhile, because they start to stink. They still keep my feet seperated from the inside of my shoes, and do their job as good as a clean pair….but, they stink.
    I’m looking past the 2 party system we have in this country…….hoping for a strong, 3rd party candidate.

  4. Not That Blind (Fargone) says:

    I agree, I am tired of whats happening too. Its because of our having a dominating bipartisan system. We need to encourage a multiparty system where several minor parties can join forces and trump the dominating party.

    To do this, we need to modify the electoral college which elects only democrats or republicans and level out the playing field on campaigning… ESPECIALLY the way its funded. The electoral votes garnered should be based upon popular vote.

    Thomas Jefferson, do you remember him? He created this great experiment we call a democratic republic! Part of HIS dream was to have what he called a “Gentleman Farmer” for governmental representation. He wanted the average person to be in congress. What we have now is a bunch of lawyers who make HUGE amounts of money from their position. Not your “Average Joe”

    To fix this problem, we need to address the way politicians are paid. They should NOT be allowed to accept special interest money of ANY kind, and they should be paid no more than the mean income of their constituency (plus housing in DC). This would encourage the average joe to run for office, while “Carreer Politicians” who truly want to benefit the society, not themselves will be the only ones willing to run. If they are willing to lower their income to participate in the system, their motivations are truly golden.

    Next, we need to put a solid limit on how much each candidate can spend on his campaign. These funds should be given by the government so no special interests can buy the candidate. This way the candidates will truly reveal their colors, and not kowtow to a party or special interest. There should be equal media coverage, and established debates in certain locations. The caucus system would dissapear.

    I guess I am a truly conservative person on this issue. I feel we should return to what the forefathers intended our political system to be. There was an elegance then that has been lost with time.

  5. billy says:

    sorry, not that blind, the “gentleman farmers” of Jefferson’s time were exactly that. To say he wanted the average person in congress is to grossly misunderstand historical facts. Gentlemen farmers were basically owners of plantations, well educated and wealthy. If memory serves, they wanted only land owners to be a ble to vote…oh yeah, male land owners. Oh, yes, and poll taxes, and literacy tests they had no more desire to have the “common” man, or should i say, rabble, in the government than I do. Sorry, i view the average person i talk to about politics simply too damn ignorant and ill informed to be running the country…oh, wait that’s not much different than who is running it now…oh well

  6. Not That Blind says:

    You are right, the average person was different in 1776 than now, but remember Jefferson wasn’t very good at envisioning reality, remember? He wanted to abolish slavery, but kept his own slaves. He wasn’t very good at walking the walk, but boy could he talk the talk!!

    What he envisioned in the Constitution was elegant in a timeless, universal manner. The qualifications weren’t literacy, it was if they had a fence around their property, and that was just for voting. Anybody who could vote could run for office. If memory serves me right, it wouldn’t be long before blacks had fences in the north, and all women could vote. There was much change to be made in the US immediately after the revolution.

    Times have changed, Billy, but the need to have appropriate representation on the hill, and in the White House, is as important now as it was then. The average American high school student is better educated than the plantation owners of old.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get up to speed on how the economy functions, nor on how to address poverty. What it DOES take to understand poverty is someone who has lived in poverty. What it DOES take to balance the budget is someone who has had to balance his own checkbook. Do you want someone to solve the welfare problem? I really doubt a rich republican can do better than a poor mother who has had to feed 3 kids on food stamps. Abortion: Until you have a vague comprehension on why women get abortions, you will NEVER stop them, and rich people don’t have problems feeding their children, or finding care for a severely disabled child.

    The problems we have in our political system lies with having too many very rich ivy league people who have never talked to a poor person. Rich people who are in office to make a buck. Not in the fact our high school eduation isn’t up to par with those 1% who graduated in 1776.

    It is a different world, Billy, but what is NOT different is we need to be represented by people who know us; who live with us in our neighborhoods and share our values. THAT is what Jefferson wanted.

  7. andy g says:

    A representative of the people should be one of the people, elite or not. Public office at the national level is biased towards the elite. The typical American voter has more in common with a homeless guy under a bridge than any elected office holder in the capital. That disparity should alarm everyone of us. The elitist class on both sides of the aisle have made this arena theirs and theirs alone. That is why, as an electorate we are basically cynical, apathetic, and without hope.

  8. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    Not that blind, i really don’t disagree with you. I tend to be one of these people who get stuck on a point and focus on that, which is what i did with your previous point. By the way, you don’t sound like many conservatives I know. Sounds more like a good prairie populism. Although your statement about someone needing to experience poverty to be able to understand it is sort of like someone saying the only person qualified as an adiction counselor is someone who was an addict. It’s an over-simplification. Many people who are in recovery are some of the best counselors, but others who are in recovery rank among the worst counselors, often due to the very same reasons.

  9. andy g-waxing beavers vs skinning..hmm says:

    I got nothing…

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