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  1. remrafdn says:

    One of the debaters was exy, of course. If you remember, he challenged God to strike him dead. But who was the Bible-thumper on the Forum message board? And who immolated him? I am (again) drawing a blank. A senior moment.

  2. existentialist says:

    I don’t think that I would be debating dogma because atheism does not prescribe specific doctrine to rational human beings. We don’t command that people (dis)believe as we do, and we certainly don’t have a weekly forum by which to condemn those who don’t think as we do. The whole “atheism is a religion, too” argument is so far off base that it’s laughable.

    But back to the comic; it certainly wasn’t God who blew “me” to smithereens, that would only prove that the Bronze Age sky fairy was not benevolent and did not “love ALL his children.” No, it would be the faithful adherent that ended “my” life as well as his own. I’ve always wondered why the Almighty requires the credulous to do all his dirty work.

  3. remrafdn says:

    exi: I suppose if you and I took Faithalyzer tests you would blow a 0 and me a 1 or 1.5. There might even be a 9 or a 10 on this blog.

  4. existentialist says:

    Well, not exactly a “0” but close. I’ll never rule out the possibility of a higher power; however, until evidence presents itself, I find belief in such an entity to be counterintuitive and unnecessary.

  5. andy g- says:

    Exy: I believe he delegates those duties, or “outsources” as it were.

  6. existentialist says:

    Which would make him one of three things:

    (a) Lazy

    (b) Incompetent


    (c) Nonexistent

    I’ll take (c)…final answer. I find it hard to imagine that an all-powerful super being would, though his own actions, make himself superfluous.

  7. andy g- says:

    Microsoft outsources as does Dell..ever call for technical’d think you stopped by a 7 fucking 11 for a slurpy…and they bitch about your accent…I think he/she is cutting costs myself…

  8. Grootch says:

    I *am* Microsoft tech support, grampa.

  9. andy g- says:

    So I’m guessing you are bangladeshi??? Seeing that I never get someone who speaks english (as a primary language and that does not include NoDakese) on the phone. Our new HP system fully loaded with MS has gone down twice and the wife has been up all night, (now at our expense) trying to get assistance to reload the recover discs since the original is somehow protecting itself. If we didn’t need it for supporting the kids 360 systems and all their shit we’d go elsewhere…I use Corporate as my own so I don’t really care (perk).
    So do you ever hear a note of relief at the other end when they hear your accent, Thank’s an American I think..maybe Canadian but definately English speaker..”honey, it sounds like that goofy know the one..”
    I am serious though. Corporate groups that outsource american engineering jobs, need to be treated as foreign corporations. Period.

  10. Grootch, Dust in the Wind says:

    At least we agree on that last bit. Generally, the Indian support teams are well educated and competent, though you will run into a lazy tech on both sides of the pond occasionally. I will admit, however, that Professional and Premier customers receive DRASTICALLY different levels of support. I myself support Premier customers only.

    However, if you have HP systems I’m assuming you called HP for support, not Microsoft. If you were a Premier level corporate customer your support experience from MS should have been top notch.

  11. andy g says:

    HP said it was software and MS said HP had to help…classic catch 22.

  12. Grootch says:

    Was it an HP OEM system, or was it simply HP hardware with software you purchased directly from MS?

  13. andy g says:

    software purchased from MS and installed in new PC. I take it you deal with corporate IT types.

  14. Grootch, everything you've ever wanted in a Rotarian and more! says:

    Well let’s put it this way: HP comes to me for support.

  15. andy g says:

    does us out in the hinterland of cyberdom a lot of good. Too bad that that kind of talent isn’t available to the regular users as well. We’ve gotten more help from the DSL provider than from the major product labels we use: HP or MS.

  16. Profile photo of billybones billybones says:

    grootch…so if we have probs we just ask a question here and forget about the fucking support lines…i always get some person who doesn’t speak english very well. always polite, just hard to understand.

  17. Grootch, from a technical point of view says:

    Always glad to help out….

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