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Dogfighting…a racial issue?

What? The NAACP is stepping into the mickael vick/dogfighting thing..urging people not to rush to judgement.  Ah yes, let’s paint this as a poor black underpriveleged young man being persecuted by the white establishment.  Oh wait, the dude makes more … Continue reading


in the news

lets hear it for KCUF  (spell it backwards) and KUNT, new radio station call letters: Kind of old timer: we believe in free speech except when you disagree with us:

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more bovine feces ; or From the mouths of Politicians

The purpose of this thread is for people who hear politicians of any stripe saying absolutly moronic things to quote them here.  Sort of a collection of (least) favorite quotes.  Here is mine for today:  “They’ve been stalling,’’ said John … Continue reading


Billboard argument refined

At the suggestion of Linda Coates, i’m bringing this discussion here, hopefully to free it from the riffraff. I will attempt to clarify my position since it seems to have gotten mixed up into a "the billboard will cause sexual … Continue reading


Conspiracy theorist drive me crazy

It was a freaking coup de tat. it wasn’t terrorists. megalomaniacs within our government staged the attacks in order to gain control of our government on behalf of haliburton, god,elvis, and 2-pac.   It wasn’t really airplanes…some moronic punk rockers were … Continue reading


La Raza implies i am racist.

Ok, they don’t name me.  But they are stating that the defeat of the immigration bill was the result of a "wave of hate" toward latinos.  JUST SHUT UP!  Can we please someday get intelligent commentary out of civil rights … Continue reading


in-forum gripes

I have several gripes about the in-forum discussion threads.  The moddy is not posting people’s comments for no reason that matches the reasons given.  The moddy never responds to questions.  but at the moment , i really am frustrated by … Continue reading


Wanted: A General with Balls

On the news, the top military leaders in iraq are described as "pleading with congress for more time"  Pleading?  For pete’s sake, can someone grow a set of balls?  If they believe what they are saying, then get in the … Continue reading


God is not Great…book recieved well by religious community?

It is interesting to me, that the book, "God is not Great" has been met with , in the words of the author Christopher Hitchens, "fairly generous",  He has had a number of religious people accept challenges to debate, and … Continue reading


political morons revisited

It seems one doesn’t have to actually know if a million dollars of taxpayer money is actually funding anything or not:

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