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terror plot in britain, muslim leadership speaks out

In reports of a foiled car bomb attack in britain, i ran across the following: The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest organisation representing Muslim groups in the UK, urged people to help the police find the perpetrators. Secretary-General Dr … Continue reading

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The president runs from a group of longtime supporters, angry at his support of "amnesty" for illegal aliens. 

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border battle?

Well our wonderful politicians seem to be at it again.  Trying to come up with an immigration bill that they can vote on while losing the fewest possible votes.  Republicans who have always praised the president for standing on principle … Continue reading


Justice prevails….sort of

Well, that moron judge/lawyer in Washington DC was finally told to shut the hell up, and he lost his multi-million dollar suit against the cleaners who allegedly screwed up his suit.  Ultimately his suit was screwed up, and he lost … Continue reading


Linda Coates, and the 10 commandments

Ok, first off…to the no-minds calling for a re-call of Linda Coates et al. due to their recent votes, particularly on the 10 commandments monument.  JUST SHUT UP.   1. If you get a re-call, it would be on the … Continue reading


music for the tone deaf

Ok, we seem to need an area for people to discuss the soundtrack of their lives.  Sound corny enough?  Got my pseudo intellectual atrsy fartsy black beret on and i’m coming at you with some of my own lyric.  You … Continue reading



Attention Group from hell members

Andy, BMK, Bryan K., existentialist, etc.  just a thought.  if you e-mail me a rant, or commentary, as well as a subject title, I will post it as the start of a new topic under your name.  e-mail is  … Continue reading



Hello, group from hell and other esteemed visitors.  Welcome to the corner bar.  A place where arguments and opinion flow as freely as the imaginary libations.  Please keep it somewhat civil, as ol billy bones has a trusty shillelagh handy … Continue reading